Live on cam via Glamworship, taking calls on NF and uploading videos to Kinkbomb & Clips4Sale!

 There are so many ways to spend your time & cash this weekend!

Start by watching my video blog below, it goes over most everything:

Next you can bookmark the following links (if you haven’t already) :
I will be online doing public & private cam via Glamworship ALL weekend!
Join today with referral code "Kyaa0016" and soon you will be seeing images like this:

I am going to be busy today adding videos to Kinkbomb
(where lots of losers are already taking advantage of my Grand Opening!)
but I will be on cam via Glamworship on and off all weekend, just check my twitter for up to the minute details on whats going on.
Of course you can always call on NiteFlirt as well!
Call Button

and lastly, don’t forget some of the exciting stuff going on this month:

Holiday Ho-Ho-Hosiery Sale – For the winter holidays this year I will be offloading a bunch of torn up pantyhose and ONE special pair of candy-cane stripped thigh highs (the ones seen in my new holiday humiliation clips below) and all of them are going to be sold directly from me to you. To get them mailed to you before the end of this month you will need to pay & send your address before the 17th of this month.

Goddess Kyaa’s Photo Contest for Perverts –  New Prizes! I will be giving out Kinkbomb coupons to ALL participants this month! All you have to do is follow the link below, read the full contest rules and then send in your photos as instructed in the rules!  If you send in even 1 crappy photo for the contest you will get a %25 OFF coupon for orders over $5! That means if you spend $100 you get a full $25 back!

proof pic 

"The sweetest thing that will ever be wrapped around that thing" 

That’s all for now folks… more updates soon! I’m already super busy with calls from NiteFlirt while draining wallets on cam via glamworship and watching my Kinkbomb sales roll in. What a lovely start to the weekend!
PS- Here are my new Glamworship banners, paste them up everywhere! 

<a href=""><img width="200" height="600" alt="" src="; /></a>

<a href=""><img width="468" height="60" alt="" src="; /></a>

5 thoughts on “Live on cam via Glamworship, taking calls on NF and uploading videos to Kinkbomb & Clips4Sale!

  1. thank you Goddess Kyaa for so many ways to sacrifice everything to You,i am getting more addicted every second.i watched crawl to You video from kinkbomb,and did get signed up for loser membership on glamworship.i need to go find work to do now so i can come back for a fix to feed my severe addiction.i am helpless Goddess Kyaa,i just need more and more.

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Could it be any better than this ? So many ways to worship, so many ways to show our devotion, so many ways to be used !
    Divine One You are so kind to us !


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