Now on and soon to be on

This morning I began setting up my account but it’s not quite ready  Once I have links for you bitches I will post them… for now though you can visit my brand spankin new store! I’ve only just started adding clips but while I am adding the first videos and getting the store looking a bit nicer I will be running a little special sale to get you boys really motivated to start spending on where I am getting am much better cut than clips4sale.
Goddess Kyaa’s Kinkbomb Grand Opening – from Dec.8th to Dec.13th 2010!
Spend $25 and get a %10 discount
Spend $50 and get a %15 discount
but spend $100 and get a full %25 discount!
All discounts applied at checkout, so add videos to cart and pay now!

Save cash buying clips now so you can use your left over pennies to buy more later!

PS- Whenever you buy a Kinkbomb video, picture set or anything else… you MUST rate it. Just click the little stars and rate it, bitches!

7 thoughts on “Now on and soon to be on

  1. You are so good to us, Goddess!
    i can imagine that in no time there will be 50 pages of Goddess Kyaa videos in Kinkbom!!! You work so hard and i try to do the same with my limited capabilities. My idea of perfect existence would be to worship You all day long. You are a true Goddess and i am so fortunate to have found You!!!


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