Time to click, pay and stroke – Clip updates!

 A lil note on my weekend:
I took around $1,000 from ol’ marky paypig. By now everyone has seen this bitches face doing disgusting things. I’ve made this losers dick BLEED and I’ve taken many many thousands from him… and he still does not impress me. The slutting around (we all know he does it) and hiding behind his wifey as an excuse is really quite pathetic…. and yet, somehow abusing him and his wallet does help itch some primal sadistic desire to really fuck with a pathetic male I care nothing about.
There as also an alright turnout with the NiteFlirt boys, many of which were clicking and paying all weekend long. I had a few funny calls… but over all I was pretty bored. All in all I took away around $2,000 from you losers this weekend (not including the $2-300 a day in clip sales) and was somehow utterly unsaited. I am still feeling oh so greedy & sadistic. Perhaps when I come back from spa-hopping on Wednesday you bitches will perform better for me.
Now onto the clip updates…. 
As exciting as my Holiday Ho-Ho-Holiday Sale is, these clips will end up pushing you over the edge. 

First off I’ve got a rip-off clip, 5 minutes of intense teasing and humiliation that will leave your wallet aching. Already multiple losers have paid through the proverbial nose to see me in my new blue lingerie from last weeks photo shoot. 

A Perfect Rip Off – blue lingerie close ups for paypigs only!

When you buy this clip I will get an email. When I get that email I will get a little ‘ping’ on my cell phone. Then when I check my inbox to find that yet another pathetic pay-pig fool has clicked and paid for this, the rip off clip that will warp pervert minds the world ’round I will laugh. I will laugh knowing that once again some loser is paying an outrageous amount for a 5 minute video he knows he doesn’t deserve no matter how much he pays. This is going to hurt your bank account and make your balls ache. Get ready to suffer! Time to sacrifice your cash, your cum and your pride… buy my hottest rip off video to date now, bitch. There is no resisting.


This next clip was super fucking hot to make and I am actually really in love with the stroke regime I give you losers. It’s simple but it will consume you, body and mind. 
Addiction Stroke Regime – 1 week challenge

I’ve got a new jerk-off routine for you addict. In this shockingly hot video you will get to learn how I am going to punish your dick, pushing you to the edge of sanity and truly test just how much you can stroke for me. Fair warning: you will be jerking off a lot during this week long challenge. My stroke regime is only for extreme addicts who think of me every day and who regularly jerk off multiple times in a day!


Leather Gloves & Ass

These calf leather gloves were given to me last year for my birthday. I’ve been wearing them every cold day in the last year so they are nice and broken in, fitted to my long fingers perfectly. They fit so well and feel so good on my hands. And in this hot outfit with my bar ass driving you wild, to be teased by my leather gloves is an honor a loser like you can only dream of… until now. Click and pay, soon you will be watching 5 minutes of close ups of my leather gloves and my perky ass.

I will have more clip updates for you Wednesday. I will be adding more clips tomorrow & Tuesday but I doubt I’ll get around to posting again here until Wednesday night. In the meantime you should…

a) leave comments on both the posts I made today
b) send tribute for a pair of my pantyhose, as per the instructions in my previous post (http://domme-kyaa.livejournal.com/75007.html)
c) then go renew your membership on c4slive (if you haven’t already!! 30 days for just $50, the best $50 you will ever spend: 
d) if you have any cash left over after buying a pair of hose & renewing your membership you should be clicking and paying on my clips store like all the rest of the helpless losers out there. My clips store has been raking high in the top 50 on clips4sale so you know you aren’t alone. So many horny males click and pay for my videos every day there are losers the world ’round addicted to me…. http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/23738

(oh and PS- here is the link to my xmas wishlist, shop shop shop! http://amzn.com/w/1Z6KQPCYWMBB8)

4 thoughts on “Time to click, pay and stroke – Clip updates!

  1. Sorry, Goddess!
    i do apologize to leave an anonymous comment a moment ago. Grateful worshiper’s note was from mila6200, who is so excited every time You make a post, Goddess, that he sometimes forgets to log in.

  2. Grateful worshiper’s note
    i do appreciate the fact that i am totally inadequate and small to serve a supreme real Domme with superior intelligence and striking beauty – AKA Goddess Kyaa. However, Your attraction is great that i know i have to serve You – i am like a plant turning to sun…totally attracted.
    i already got Blue Lingerie Close ups and i know i need to download Addiction Stroke Regime. It is as if it is made especially for me.
    You are so prolific with Your videos – so little time…so much worshiping to be done. i am ever so grateful, Goddess.

  3. thank you Goddess Kyaa for this holiday list of things to do to please You this week.i will begin by downloading,addiction stroke regime the one week challenge and humiliation for Decembers photo contest,i need to stop staring and get working,giggle.


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