Holiday Ho-Ho-Hosiery! (plus some holiday humiliation clips)

Now, I’m not doing Ebanned auctions anymore. There are too many disgusting losers sending me messages through that website asking for shit brownies or begging me to wearing my pantyhose for a full week before I mail them out… and honestly, I got sick of it all. From now on when I decide to sell my pre-owned clothing I will be doing direct sales or auctions that will be held here on my journal publicly, with bids being left by leaving a comment with the bid amount.

For the winter holidays this year I will be offloading a bunch of torn up pantyhose and ONE special pair of candy-cane stripped thigh highs (the ones seen in my new holiday humiliation clips below) and all of them are going to be sold directly from me to you. To get them mailed to you before the end of this month you will need to pay & send your address before the 17th of this month.

Full details on my Holiday Ho-Ho-Hosiery Sale below…

1- I have many many pairs of pantyhose. Full pantyhose, stockings, footless hose, crotchless hose… sheer, opaque, tan, black, pink, purple, grey, you fucking name it. I’ve got old fishnets, stockings, patterned tights, and more. I am going to allow any loser who wants to own a single pair of my pre-owned pantyhose to tribute for the honor.  
2- To tribute for my pantyhose you just need to send an gift card ( of at least $150. The minimum tribute must be $150 for sub-boys in the USA and $200 for boys living outside the USA. Make sure you send the gift card to and then email me directly after you send it to let me know who sent the gift card and include your mailing address for the holiday package I’ll be sending you.
3- Once I have your tribute & mailing address I will send you an email informing you that your package is being sent and a photo of myself with the package I will be sending you…  you will get the package but you won’t find out exactly what pair of hose I send until you open up the package! 
All packages include 1 pair of pre-owned, torn or ripped pantyhose. I pick out the pair of pantyhose! Also included in the package will be a personal note from me with some holiday humiliation tasks!

Next we have some CLIP UPDATES!

Of course I have Decembers Photo Contest Video (in full HD) for sale now! –

and that leads directly to…

Humiliation for photo contest participants – December

Wearing luxurious candy-cane stripped thigh high stockings and teasingly playing with a little mint candy-cane in my pretty fingers I give the losers who download this clip a verbal beat down they won’t soon forget. Especially if you are one of the many losers planning on participating in Decembers photo contest! As I twirl th candy-cane in my fingers you will hear me tell you just how disgusting you are, laughing at all the pathetic, humiliating things you will be doing with a bit of candy just like this, and all in the hopes of winning my photo contest. How pitiful, and yet you cannot resist.

Holiday Socks & Hose Teaser 

I’ve got some hot sheer black stockings with red ribbon stripes spiraling down my legs and over them I’m wearing little bright red ankle socks with lace. My socks are that bright red color you see everywhere this time of year and they are getting sweaty! I slowly pull them off my pantyhose feet, teasing with my dirty holiday socks & the sheer black hose I’m wearing…

I will have more holiday humiliation clips for you losers soon, plus more general clip updates! This post was just for my newest holiday themed clips. So buy up the clips above and then get over to and send a gift card for a pair of holiday hosiery.

All loser boys tributing for a pair of pantyhose this month should comment below and thank me for this chance!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Ho-Ho-Hosiery! (plus some holiday humiliation clips)

  1. Divine One, every time i think i am as deep under Your spell as i can go You push me deeper !
    Every thing You do makes me want, no, NEED to serve You better.
    You are Perfection incarnate !


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