Too much for your little loser mind, prepare to have your brain melted!

 I’m just going to hop right into it. Caution, there are a lot of new videos here that will have you emptying your bank account! Go get your credit card, put it between your teeth like a good pet, kneel and start reading. That’s an order!

Clip updates for late November 2010! The last before I go away for a 7 day Thanksgiving break! The first two videos you see here are specifically for helping you bitches celebrate this holiday the way I want you to celebrate it. Already quite a few losers have bought this and are shaking with the thought of the sacrifices they will make to show me how thankful they are! Buy these clips up boys, they are short, sweet and oh so cruel! Oh yeah, and just $10 each!

Thanksgiving Humiliation Assignment for lonely losers 2010
This short little instructional humiliation video gives you detailed instructions on how to should spend Thanksgiving, Nov. 25 2010! It’s time to sacrifice for me loser boys!
With your face full of my cleavage you will listen as I tell you lonely losers how to spend your Thanksgiving. Most people spend this holiday with family and friends, but since you are going to be alone you will have the whole day to sacrifice and abuse yourself while I am out indulging and enjoying life to the fullest!
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Thanksgiving Humiliation Assignment for Addicted Perverts 2010
I’m only putting one version of each of my holiday theamed clips up, so click and pay now to watch me give you the orders I have for all you nasty perverts out there in 720p HD!
Looking down at you with the camera right in front of my perfect perky young breasts in my sexy new blue pushup bra (go to my images store to find an AMAZING photo set in this lingerie set!) so while you hear me tell you just how you are going to sneak around and worship me even though it’s a big holiday. Be prepared to suffer and humiliate yourself for my amusement! Celebrate Thanksgiving Goddess Kyaa style! Click, pay and stroke!
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Next is a clip that turned out to be nearly 25 minutes and since I filmed it in full 1080p HD the file was HUGE. The second part was too big to even upload in full HD but you boys can still click and pay for standard HD in 720p…
This clip will fucking blow your minds… and break you like the pitiful addicted fool you are! I do not hold back in this clip, brutally humiliating you and giving you very detailed instructions on exactly how you are to physically abuse yourself, mark yourself, making yourself my disgusting filthy pervert. This is the only way you could ever even try to make up for the fact that you are so unworthy. So completely incapable of ever comparing to me and my utter perfection. Be my abused, addicted pervert, lucky enough to get to follow some of my most humiliating instructions ever all while I am teasing, slowly stripping and driving you mad with my young body in that hot new blue lingerie you losers are growing to love so much!

Pervert Addiction 11-22-2010
This is the first part of almost 25 minutes of intense teasing and in depth instructions that will have your dick dripping as you degrade and humiliate yourself in some very specific ways for me. For bonus points make sure you have your camera ready to send proof of your perversion and obedience!
Click and pay now, the first part will have you panting, ready to obey my commands to the letter! As you follow along you will be lucky enough to get to watch my little button up shirt and skirt slide off so that your little loser mind can be overwhelmed into total obedience by my gorgeous young body in the hot matching blue satin bra, garter belt and panties.
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Pervert Addiction (Cont.) 11-22-2010
I begin getting more cruel and degrading, pushing you harder to really abuse yourself as I stand over you in my matching satin royal blue garter belt, bra and panties. My tight ass framed perfectly by the blue garter belt with just the tiny gstring running between my cheeks and my perky tits looking better than ever in my new pushup bra. Will you manage to follow through with my exact instructions, turning yourself into a walking example of your own pathetic perversion and obedience? Can you make it to the end to cum exactly how I want you to cum? We will soon find out!!
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And many many more clips… read each description carefully! Is your credit card still in your mouth, pet? Good bitch.

Addiction Day & Night
Already you find yourself thinking about me constantly and more often then not you cannot resist crawling over to your computer to get another fix of my perfection. Click and pay now, helpless junky… soon you will have a new habit, growing more and more addicted as you are forced to wake and sleep with my image seared into your loser mind.
Buy on C4S:

Taking Advantage – Bra/Breast Worship & Humiliation
It’s so easy for me to take advantage of your weaknesses… you are nothing but a dirty old man, so helpless against my young supple breasts and manipulative ways. Worship my perky breasts in a lacy bra as I cruelly humiliate you, being brutally honest with just how easy it is for me to use you like a little wined up toy!
Buy on C4S:

Purple Pantyhose Worship 11-19-2010
My luxurious, oh-so-soft opaque purple pantyhose fit me so perfectly. With ribbing running the full length of the hose making my long legs look even longer, these sexy winter pantyhose might be warm and cozy for me… but they turn you on so fucking hard you will drip for my purple pantyhose feet, legs and ass!
Buy on C4S:

Sound of My Heels Hypno-Worship 11-19-2010
The ‘click click click’ of my black satin pumps on the hard floor is enough to make you want to crawl for me, isn’t it? Yes, you are a weak and helpless fetishist, desperate for my legs, feet and high heels. With my camera on the floor you will be able to see every detail of my heels, and hear every click as I walk… each step brainwashing you, each step making you beg to follow me anywhere.
Buy on C4S:

Legboy Addiction Tease 11-13-2010 
Long slender and well toned legs are your demise, your complete and total mindfucking addiction… I know it well, so many like you have begged to serve on their knees so that they might look up my perfect legs every day… it will take hard work and dedication to be my special legboy slave! Dedicate your dick and every dollar in your bank account to my long legs, every drop of cum in your balls, it all belongs to me and my legs.
Buy on C4S:

Do any of those gifs catch your eye? All of them? Just stare at one of them and see if you can count to 100 before your dick starts to drip and you have the uncontrollable urge to touch yourself in naughty places… Then take your credit card out of your teeth (yes, remember, I told you to put it there at the beginning of this post) and then click a link, click and pay… you have no choice but to obey now that I have you all worked up, just the way I want you. Mindless horny boys are so much fun to toy with, hehe. 

See you losers when I get back from indulging & shopping over my Thanksgiving break. I will be out enjoying fine foods, good beer, spending money and enjoying the winter weather while you are locked inside in front of your computer, sacrificing your cash, cum and pride in my honor!

5 thoughts on “Too much for your little loser mind, prepare to have your brain melted!

  1. You are so gorgeous. Goddess Kyaa, thank You for sharing these fabulous clips with us. My addiction is growing only by seeing these short preview Gif’s .

    Thank You for destroying my perverted christian faith.

  2. Sweet pain
    Happy Thanksgiving and do enjoy Your holiday, Goddess!
    It is amazing how well You know Your pets and what we need! i think of You all the time and at least once an hour i do have to crawl to my computer to feast my eyes on wonderful, wonderful Goddess Kyaa!
    Obsession? Addiction? – But seeing and hearing You, Goddess, makes it perfectly understandable. Oh, this pain is so sweet!

  3. wowyowwowzers
    who woulda thunk that a girl like you could have such an amazingly beautiful rear??
    it is fantabulous Goddess….and that blue on you? my oh my drop-dead gorgeous
    Happy Thanksgiving. hope you and your gf have an amazing day (like always)


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