Video blog; chastity slave signs contract; amusing slave blogs & more!

 I have a lot going on so I will post this now and perhaps get around to another this weekend…  leave comments to encourage me to give a fuck.

Video blog for the weekend:

Next we have a wee update on the increasingly infamous (hehe) sissy-in-chastity ‘sissysplosh!’ I’ve decided to take this frilly girly slaveboy to the next level with a month-long contract that keeps this slut locked (soon with my lock) and under my control 24 hours a day… I will be giving my sissysplosh assignments via email or skype-IM and he will have to do whatever he can to obey within 72 hours or face serious public humiliation! This particular slave has a lot of ‘real life’ obligations though, so although he won’t actually be available 24 hours a day I am pleased with his williness to sign the contract keeping his sissy clitty locked away for a full calendar month! Read the full post on his blog here:

Now sometimes I have to stop and read something out loud as I’m going over my slave’s blogs because it is just so ridiculous, so pathetic, it just needs to be said out loud so I can be sure it’s really what I’m reading! This sparked one of those moments:
"In moments of self indulgence i allow myself to dream that i have been blessed with a gift of a pair of her panties,
a pair sanctified having been worn by God herself.
i realise that such a Holy item would be so much superior to me that i would become, in effect the property of those panties.

Lastly I will leave you with a gif I took from the ‘daily video’ up on NiteFlirt right now…

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