A (very) Belated Birthday Post!

 My 23rd birthday was October 30th and it was a wonderful day. Instead of going out & blowing a bunch of loser bucks out on the town or even going to a costume party… all I did was hang out with my girlfriend, play video games, mess around with all my new toys/gifts and stuff my face with delicious food. I really didn’t want to do photos or anything else too… I really just took the day for myself. 
My girlfriend did end up snapping one photo, pretty early in the morning too. Here I am in my new Starwars Jedi bath robe (a present from my girlfriend along with a book of zombie haiku & some other zombie literature, hehe) holding the special edition of Fable II game & looking like I don’t really want that camera pointed at me… 

The next day I made a clip showing off all the new gifts & talking about my very large birthday tributes… only the losers who bought something for my birthday got the full version for free! The rest of you have to watch the preview or buy the full version on Clips4sale!

I realized after I made this clip that there is a whole pile of clothes, corsets, leather pants, & more that I forgot about and never showed off! Haha, it just makes me laugh when I think about what a clusterfuck my birthday contest turned into! Oh well, next year I won’t be moving so hopefully it ends up being more organized hahaha!

One of my favorite gifts was this dinosaur plant my girlfriend got me. Put it in some shallow watter & it unfurls, wakes up & starts getting greener right away! I love it!

So basically I had what I considered to be a fucking awesome & relaxing birthday. With the holidays coming up though I am looking forward to being a busy busy Goddess, using you losers, and doing better contest for Christmas. More on that later though!

2 thoughts on “A (very) Belated Birthday Post!

  1. Thank You, Goddess Kyaa
    Glad to hear that You enjoyed Your birthday, Goddess!!!…and thank You for sharing it with all Your followers – regardless how undeserving they are. It is You who deserves all the best things in life!

  2. Goddess Day
    You look so good without even trying ! i’m so happy that You had such a good day, Goddess Day should be about You and only You. ( A bit like every other day).


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