Posting videos to NiteFlirt….

 …is not my favorite thing in the world. I hate reducing the quality of my videos so far that shit looks all blury and the video is so small you have to squint to see anything. I have no fear of the brutality that is full High Definition video. Yes, it shows the the little bit of golden hair I have covering my whole body. I’m not ashamed to be human, to have pores, scars, and yes, even pimples! What I hate is thinking that some loser out there could be getting even more addicted and obsessed if only the video quality he was buying could be better!  My girlfriend tells me to care less, that I am too kind to you bitches… that you don’t deserve the high quality video if you can’t figure out how to find my clips4sale… and while I can’t argue with that logic I still rarely actually get around to reducing the quality/size of my videos so they can be uploaded. I just make more high quality clips and post them in HD to clips4sale, haha. 

Today I managed to get a few videos up on NiteFlirt though, but only ones I could find that are easily reduced in size without compromising the quality too much! I will try to get a few up every other week or so since I know so many losers only use NF, or at least find it easier to just empty their bank accounts using it.
So for you NF boys out there…. 

Heel Dangle Focus – Hypnotic Worship Instructions
Today you will focus on my heels. I am wearing 3 & 1/2 inch black leather pumps. From the heel a tiny silver key hangs and catches the light as my heel dangles on the tips of my toes, and that is where you must focus. Pay close attention, do not look away… I will make you even more addicted to my heels and feet, brainwashing you as you focus, unable to look away from that perfect image, your hard dick in your hand.


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SPH $100 Bill Test
I’ve devised a simple way to help you figure out if your hard dick is too small to satisfy a woman such as myself. This very easy to take test will help you find out just how pathetically small your penis really is! First though, you will have to jerk that thing nice and hard for my hot body to make sure it as big as it gets! (Caution- permission to cum for me will be depended on if you pass my little test or not!)


Convert to Kyaaism!
My long legs crossing and uncrossing will brainwash your puny loser mind, but you are weak to begin with, aren’t you? This video is for you helpless worshiping slaveboys in desperate need of taking that next step! Kneel today and pledge yourself to me, swear yourself to me as my convert, becoming yet another devoted Kyaaist! A follower of my teachings, your new religion is Kyaaism, the worship of the one true Goddess Kyaa…

AND! 2 Minutes of Heaven – Foot Tease in HD! Yes 2 minutes of HD foot worship, bare toes, soles… you NEED this if you are a footboy!

Come see me LIVE on cam by clicking the button below. Make sure to mention you are on my mailing list!!

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4 thoughts on “Posting videos to NiteFlirt….

  1. Omg, I haven’t managed to rejoin nf yet, and I’d prefer to shop from kink bomb, but I need that leg crossing concert to Kyaaism video soooo much. Pretty much any video description including the words brainwashing or Kyaaism gets my full attention, and that one had both, drooooool

  2. HD is great!!!
    Since i am dependent on You, Goddess Kyaa, for fulfillment of large portion of my sexual and emotional desires, it is just great to be see You in High Definition.
    i love to see the slightest change of expression in You deep blue eyes, smile on Your lips, light rays playing in Your golden hair and every detail and curve of Your perfect body, when i worship You! Long live HD!!!!
    Your GF is right, losers and perverts do not deserve favors, but yet You are kind enough to be merciful to us. Thank You, Goddess!!!

  3. thank you for speaking Goddess Kyaa,when my loser “brain” first took me to Niteflirt to kneel below You,i was in a split second addicted to Your Perfection,knowing instantly “this is where i belong” “it does not get any better than this”[being nf videos]well it did not take long for me to find c4s and now videos in HD !, i was wrong ! YOU DID GET BETTER!it did start with niteflirt though,i thought they were the best videos ever,but now i really have acquired an eye for HD,,You have spoiled me Goddess Kyaa,,giggle
    for me, worshipping You through video on “windows media center” in hd is ecstasy![not windows “player”} i find “media center” fills the entire screen up close and personal.
    i do not know how it now could get any better than this now, but last time i thought that,,,i was wrong!.do i deserve to be spoiled ?,absolutely not !i just,kneel,worship, pray and obey.thank you Goddess Kyaa !


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