Dedicated slaves that worship & obey without question, or “auto-pilot slaves”

If you have a delicate stomach don’t read on! This is going to get nasty….

I’ve had a lot of frustrating filming in a new house for the first time this weekend as well as some pretty major issues with both phone and internet connectivity. Still I have had many slaveboys clamoring for my attention. Only one has really gotten any personal attention. I’ve been too busy dealing with bullshit connectivity issues and just trying to enjoy my lovely new home to really be bothered much with you boys yet. My slut sissy splosh took the day off work yesterday though, and I let him have a personal work over…. 

In his own words:

"The Goddess Kyaa’s sissy wishes to thank Her a thousand times over for the incredibly tormenting situation She imposed upon it today. Knowing that it was locked in chastity for Her and desperate to amuse, She decided to antagonize it with the most thorough and devastating cuckolding She has ever blessed it with. After diapering it the previous night, and humiliating it by making it pee itself for Her, She ordered it to shave its genitals for Her and then ‘dash’ to the store for cans of beans that She had plans for demeaning it with later. When it returned it was forcibly sissified by The Goddess…made to dress in something "especially girly" and smother itself with ridiculous makeup. It was told to put on a fresh diaper, and fill its sissy ass with Her buttplug. It was told that it must watch Her videos in its desperate state, and prepare to face its Goddess on cam for the inevitable sploshing it hates but has so deserved. The Goddess Kyaa’s sissy obeyed Her every command.

It sat in ridiculous sissified chastity, its clitty locked and its balls trapped and swollen for the Goddess Kyaa, absolutely TERRIFIED by the prospect of having to kneel before Her and splosh itself while She laughed at the condition She had placed it in. It sat writhing in very real fear as it watched the clock tick down to the designated time. When finally it got the ‘signal’ via Skype that its Goddess was ready to abuse it…the signal being an audio clip of Her jingling a sissy bell and saying "are you ready to come running for me, HUH??"…it was completely and utterly helpless and SOOOOO desperate to submit to Her!!

The Goddess Kyaa expertly knew how to manipulate Her minion. The first thing She did was make it kneel so it could be spoken to. It scrambled to its knees with its keyboard in its hands, and frantically typed out the words "Kneeling for You Goddess Kyaa!" It was then calmly and firmly told what The Goddess Kyaa had decided to do to it. It would not be granted the undeserved privilege of being in The Presence Of The Goddess on cam after all. The Goddess Kyaa was tired, and wished to relax with a shower and put Her feet up for the evening. While She was doing so, however, Her sissy bitch would nevertheless have to fulfill its obligations to its Goddess. She described to it the humiliating scene She had envisioned for it, and told it in no uncertain terms that if it wished to amuse Her it must go proceed with Her plans for it even while She sat and relaxed and ignored it. The Goddess Kyaa gave Her sissy explicit instructions, and then dismissed it to go and follow orders and contact Her the next morning.

Knowing that The Goddess Kyaa was relaxing with Her GF made it all the more imperative for Her sissy to enact Her vision. Part of the joy of being in chastity for the Goddess Kyaa is the acquiesence to Her complete control, and Her amusement and convenience. The Goddess Kyaa makes the rules. The Goddess Kyaa makes the demands. The Goddess Kyaa dictates Her whims on Her terms. The chastised sissy can only obey. It cannot "click and pay and stroke". It can only "click and pay and WORSHIP".

The Goddess Kyaa’s bean sploshing orders have been followed."

As funny as this is… as proud of this helpless sissy as I am for it’s mindless obedience… I must admit that looking at these photos for too long makes me feel a bit sick… or at least like I don’t want baked beans for a while! Ha! EDIT: And this loser did all of this after tributing $400 in gift cards, and all without ever seeing me on cam or even hearing my voice. All I did was send a few emails & chat with him on skype on and off. Next time though I want to get cam to cam and see that bitch stutter and stammer his way through my orders! 

This sissy is one of the few pets I have that I jokingly call my "auto-pilot slaves" with my friends. Along with sissy mindi, Kyaas_bard and butlerdorky, sissysplosh really knows his place. These pets truly live to please me, focusing much of their daily lives around their worship of me, keeping in constant contact with me, and of course, always ready to obey my every command. 
All of them work full time jobs, a couple of them even work jobs that keeps them busy and distracted even when they are home. I am an understanding owner though. In fact a large part of what makes me so proud of these pets is that they go to work, they work hard, and they do it all knowing that I can and will dictate exactly how they spend the money they earn. For the most part though I don’t even have to tell them to tribute. I just wake up with huge gift cards in my inbox or in a few cases, big fat checks at the end of every month! 

Read my pets blogs if you are a prospective slave who is interested in learning more about what it takes to please me. Be aware, some write better while others write more often… but they are all highly amusing! I love the daily photos in sissy mindi’s blog, the fiction (and humiliation assignment proof) in sissy sploshes, and the prayers in Kyaas_bard’s blog:

That’s all for now folks… I will post with clip updates plus a full breakdown of my birthday, including a photo of me in the bathrobe that looks like a jedi robe my gf got me, tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Dedicated slaves that worship & obey without question, or “auto-pilot slaves”

  1. Goddess Kyaa’s “auto-pilot” thoughts
    As humiliating as it is to see its ‘auto-pilot’ obedience to the Goddess Kyaa plastered around this way, this sissy publicly thanks its Goddess for the experience She guided it through. It was another perfect Goddess Kyaa mindfuck to follow Her orders in cuckolded chastity.
    To perhaps just expound for a moment on the ‘auto-pilot’ idea…this sissy has remained locked in chastity for its Goddess Kyaa since Her latest sploshing of it. The Goddess in no way insisted on that, but Her Perfection has a way of making it feel that this is the only appropriate procedure. And it has NO regrets for that. It THANKS The Goddess Kyaa for having made its experience on ‘auto-pilot’ so incredible!!!!!!!!
    It has of course cleaned itself up and taken care of the mess She made it make of its house for Her amusement (bean drippings all over the place LOL), and gone about its outside work duties, but it very gratefully remains in chastity for the Goddess.
    ‘Auto-pilot’ shaving its locked genitals every morning. ‘Auto-pilot’ choosing a pair of panties to wear to work for Her each day, thinking of how amusing it might be to The Goddess if She could witness its sissification. ‘Auto-pilot’ hooking up its swollen testicles to be zapped by Her voice as it gratefully ‘clicks and pays’ for to admire the torment of Her latest videos.
    This sissy is very much looking forward to the devastation of stuttering and stammering its way through the Goddess Kyaa’s orders on cam for Her as soon as possible. In the meantime it will continue with its ‘auto-pilot’ submissions to the Goddess Kyaa, and thank Her for the cuckolding She privileges it with.
    sissy splosh

  2. Re: whata a
    Your sissy is happy to have amused You with its obedience Goddess Kyaa. Ashamed to have been exposed this way, but if its shame is for the glorification of the Goddess Kyaa’s power it is gratefully accepted.

  3. Ashamed
    i am too ashamed of the pathetic small amounts i was able to spend for Goddess Day, i did try to buy as many small gifts as i could.
    Pleasing The Divine One is what i am for !


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