Video blog + New Blue Jeans Fetish Tease Clip…

Already at least one loser has bought the giant tongue thing for the photo contest. So, it’s off to a good start. I have high hopes for this photo contest thing, boys, let’s make it a reality and next month I will put more work into a prize or something I can announce at the beginning of the month… custom clips, perhaps a little trophy that says "Domme Kyaa’s Pathetic Pervert Dec. 2010" hahaha My mind is abuzz with fun stuff to do with this photo contest so put your own mind to use and come up with some funny shit to do with this months contest!

Since I’m so fucking busy, loser clamoring for my attention now that I’m back online, I’ve made a video blog (okay, yeah, partly because I can’t be bothered typing anymore):

I have put this vlog, the video for the photo contest and a hot tease video (look below) up on clips4sale as well, so if you want a copy to keep forever get over there & click, pay, stroke!
Now that you are all worked up, thinking of nasty shit to do for the photo contest and then watching me
sit there looking so fucking hot in my video blog…. CLICK PAY AND FUCKING STROKE!
(unless your dicklet is locked in a cage for me!)
Tease for Blue Jean Junkies Nov. 4 2010
Somehow it makes you that much more pathetic that you aren’t buying videos of me in slinky
lingerie or close up photos of my thong… no you are spending your cold hard
cash (and jerking your tiny hard dick!) for my tight blue jeans!
The skin tight dark blue jeans I’m wearing fit so fucking tight on my ass and thighs you will
cream yourself in mere moments. I doubt you can last very long. We will soon find
out if you can even make it through one viewing, my helpless jean slut!

I will be releasing a public version of the video I made opening up my birthday presents tomorrow along with a few more amazing full fetish videos, so that’s all for now. More soon… obsessivly check my twitter to see when the videos are posted to clips4sale and when I update LJ next:!/DommeKyaa

2 thoughts on “Video blog + New Blue Jeans Fetish Tease Clip…

  1. You are worrying too much about Your subjects Goddess Kyaa. We are obliged to YOU, not you to us. Sorry that your taking some time away to work out some personal things has left You with so much to catch up on. Kinda figuring You might appreciate another ‘break’ right about now. From this sissy’s perspective…happy to honor/amuse/promote/tribute its Goddess any way that might help get You over the hump.
    sissy splosh

  2. i watched this video as i had morning coffee,what a way to start the day!!!You look MAVOULAS GODDESS KYAA !,and well rested,Your hair and complexion look beautiful.i think i really like these natural “library”or “fireside” type videos.
    they are so sexy,and thank for for caring just a teenie weenie bit and letting us see just a small glimpse into Your Goddess Life.everything You say i seem to understand,it is miraculous to me how my mind is so owned by i finally made it down the page,to read and see the blue jeans video,again You speak the truth,i am a filthy sissy pervert,i can cum just looking at Your jeans,today i spent all of my time just staring at this video blog,so i must suffer and wait until after work to buy this video to keep forever.
    thank you for the pervert contest,i am lucky that i am a sissy pervert that even has a slight chance to amuse You,to humiliate and degrade myself for You is a duty and an honor.
    even though You are never really away,i am happy You are “back” as You said, looking magnificent !now all i can think about is what an award it would be to be Domme Kyaa’s pathetic pervert,my ears go strait up,ruff ruff,,off to work


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