Goddess Kyaa’s Photo Contest for Perverts- November 2010! (the first of many?!?!)

A friend of ours has a large dog, it’s her birthday soon so one of the gifts we got here was this funny toy we found on thinkgeek.com…. It was sooooo funny I couldn’t help but want to come up with a humiliation assignment for it before we wrapped it up to give it away. I decided to let the perverts out there that follow my blog/twitter to come up with their own compromising photos instead, breathing life into what might become an ongoing, monthly contest. The object this month is a dog toy, a huge tongue shaped chew toy to be exact, but if this goes well I will be picking out other random easy to get stuff to use in next months contest! So if the idea of posing with a dog toy squicks you out…well, you just aren’t that perverted are you?  Get your cameras out it’s time for…..

Goddess Kyaa’s Photo Contest for Perverts:
November 2010

Conditions of Entry

A.) All photos submitted must contain the item(s) announced as the focus of this months contest as well as the title of the contest, “Goddess Kyaa’s Photo Contest Nov. 2010.”

B.) Submissions must be emailed to Domme.Kyaa@gmail.com by November 30th 11:59PM PST. In the subject line of your email you MUST write “Submission for Goddess Kyaa’s Photo Contest Nov. 2010.” Also, include in your email: the photo(s) you are entering into the contest, a name I can use if you are announced winner, and the email address you can be reached at for any prizes you might win.

C.)All photos and other information included in the contest entry become Domme Kyaa’s full property. All rights over distribution, reprinting, editing, or any other use are reserved for Domme Kyaa once your submission is received.

D.) No purchase necessary for entry.

E.) No winner guaranteed. No prizes or entry publication guaranteed. Only humiliation is guaranteed.

This months object can be found here! http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/pets/d614/

5 thoughts on “Goddess Kyaa’s Photo Contest for Perverts- November 2010! (the first of many?!?!)

  1. Yes, you can submit as many photos as you like. If you send hundreds I may not get through them all, try to pick no more than 10-15 of your best poses! Also, you can include notes written on paper, on yourself, etc, to make it funnier!

  2. Your ‘tongue’ humiliation toy has been ordered and is on its way to Your sissy Goddess Kyaa. Would it be okay to submit multiple photos in different scenarios for consideration?? Hard to nail down ONE particular way to humiliate myself for You with all these “might THAT make Goddess Kyaa laugh” ideas running through my head. Have a few good ones though I think. GREAT idea Goddess Kyaa…and You promote it SOOOOOOO well!!!!!!! Glad to be in chastity for You right now, or…yeah, could get wanky messy.
    sissy splosh

  3. Thank You, Goddess!
    It is very good of You to let us see You and hear Your lovely voice. You look better than ever! The idea of the contest is just great! Humiliation for a Goddess like You is a privilege for any male – especially an addicted loser like myself. Thank You!!! You are the light of my life!!!

  4. Like it says, you just attach them to an email and send it to me. If you have trouble email me and ask for help. If the files are large you can email me and ask for help. I know you will come up with some amusing stuff pet, who knows you might win, hehe.

  5. You look fucking great Goddess Kyaa,it seems like forever with the move and all, since anybody has seen You,omg You look good , and i melt when i hear Your voice, nothing like it,i am just happy to see You ,i will have to figure out this contest later,i wont win,but i will try,that is the fun,i have know idea what to do with that thing,but i am a dog person so although i am stupid i may think of something,what i will do is put this out to my friends haha they usually come up with good ideas,if i like it i will do it,but they help me amuse You.they are all fucking perverts that wont admit it ,,,me,,, not afraid ,,giggle,,never mind how i will get photos and stuff to You, way over my little mind,


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