23 years old & still going strong…

 A snapshot from this morning (how fucking lucky you boys are that I took the time to even take a single photo for you today, much less actually post it up here) …. I’m comfy in my PJ’s & drinking hot coffee in my brand new zombie mug (which even glows in the dark) which was one of the many geeky gifts my gf got me.

I haven’t had time to spend any of them yet but I woke up to many gift cards, the largest of which was sissymindi’s $500 victorassecret.com gift card! Weeeeeee! I’m going to have fun shopping tonight!

But before I do I have Fable III to sink my teeth into. I’m going to watch my dinosaur furn unfirll (I started watering it yesterday) and open a bunch of other gifts. More photos to follow!

(oh and plus, I am editing a clip!!! yes, I actually am going to post a new video this weekend, so watch out!) 

you know what to do boys:


6 thoughts on “23 years old & still going strong…

  1. Sorry to be rude Goddess Kyaa, but since You have Your sissy in chastity writing about its ‘sissy maid’ fantasies….
    NOTHING would be more delightful than having to make Your coffee every morning…bringing it to You in bed…blindfolded and teetering on its ridiculously high heels of course…with its swollen chastised sissy balls exposed for a quick slap and a ‘send-away’. WOW! What a photo. Your pursed lips are just SO not fair!
    sissy splosh


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