boys, boys, boys

Today and all of this weekend I will have my financial domination line, ignore line and a few other fetish lines on NF turned on so you addicts with NiteFlirt accounts can call and get your fix.

Call Button 

It’s funny, I look at my NF and even though my main cam line is one of the highest rated active listings on NiteFlirt, most of my listings are plain text, mostly one sentence "THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION… etc" hahaha I love that I have put SO little effort into my NiteFlirt listings and yet I’m always raking it in anyway. I love that. Effortless control over my minions, literally, I just don’t even try with NiteFlirt, ha.

Next, slave blogs!  And speaking of effortless control: this is sissy mindi’s blog, and although he has’t posted any photos in a long while the "morning worship" daily entries are so so funny! The quasi-philosophical musings about jerking his "sissy dick" are seriously amusing.
" i am a pathetic jerk off so i must confess that when i Pray to Goddess Kyaa,Worship Goddess Kyaa,Praise Her Perfect Name, i mean, hell, the second i get on my knees below Her my cum begins to drip as i feed my addiction to Her, i believe Goddess Kyaa knows this and has forgiven me for for being helpless and weak at Her feet.
in a way i think this is to good to be true,i am unworthy and should not be allowed to kneel below Her to hold my sissy dick in my hand,it is a privilege that i do not take for it is simple for me to obey Goddess Kyaa,never waste my own cum,yes it is dirty, but it is sacred cum.i do use a hair tie always now double looped around around my brain to cause myself some pain,i confess that thing hurts,it cuts in to my sissy dick deep,i almost think it could slice my trouble maker right off,i go as long as i can and i need to rip it off,that is when it really makes me scream,,i guess i am such a prissy sissy,i am good at being a sissy slave though,,giggle"

Even more amusing is the return of my slave Kyaas_bard. After being really sick he felt guilty about being away for so long, but I forgave him and now he has started posting in his blog and writing to me daily once again. In the past few weeks he has bought many many little gifts from my birthday wishlist, joined my members site again and is being a very good little slaveboy in general. The photos posted and prayers to me in his blog are priceless:
"Divine Domme Kyaa is God
Praise be Her holy name, Kyaa.
All glory and praise is Hers.
we kneel and pray in thanks to The Living God,
we thank her for her Holy church,we proclaim Kyaaism as the way,
Divine One You alone are The almighty,
You alone are the truth,
You alone are the most high,
You alone are The way
we pray to You in thanks and praise,
One true God.
we live in the glory of Your Divine Light."

The next slave blog I’m proud of right now is my sissysplosh’s confessions of the pathetic and humiliating situations it begs to be in for me. Because of the long term chastity and hardcore humiliation sessions there have even been some perverts who have asked about the hardware he uses! I love that, it cracks me up to think of this helpless sissy getting questions from jerk off losers about the wires he uses to shock his balls or the chastity cage I’ve got him locked up in. Plus he is one of the more well written slaves, managing to mostly use whole sentences, and proper grammar.
"After how The Goddess Kyaa pathetically left Her sissy still chastity locked and ball shocked in clitty-dripping agony last weekend, this sissy publicly admits before the Goddess that it had to unlock itself from Her chastity for 24 hours yesterday. The Goddess Kyaa’s sissy had been in continual chastity for over 3 weeks. It was not by ‘choice’ particularly that it ‘freed’ itself. Rather, its testicles were so swollen and white that it needed to release them to dangle free for a few hours.
This sissy is happy to now say that it has now been able to lock its genitals back up in honor of the Goddess Kyaa, and for Her amusement. This sissy asserts that it did NOT allow itself any ‘self-gratification’ during the release. That can and must only be done under DIRECT supervision of The Goddess Kyaa. Its ‘self-release’ was done ONLY for it to be able to put itself back in chastity torment for The Goddess for a longer term.
This sissy wishes only to be the Goddess Kyaa’s chastised and cuckolded sissy bitch for as long as it amuses Her. It fantasizes about being Her cuckolded sissy maid, helpless but to obediently traipse around Her beautiful new home, teetering ridiculously on the stilleto pumps She has assigned it, dressed for Her however She might find appropriate, assisting Her in organizing Her ‘things’ so that She can gleefully renew Her torments of Her other subjects while it suffers.
Posted for the glorification of the Goddess Kyaa
sissy splosh"


And last, a couple amusing emails. When I read this it was a real WTF moment: 

(received yesterday, Oct 13th at 9:17 am)

"When I was watching one of your videos for the first time today, I thought, "Why is she so clad in black?"

To me, femininity get’s it’s strength from the feminine side, not the male side. (Guys are for the most part jerk anyway, so why would you ever want to be like one of them?)

You always see the dominatrix wearing the black attire, but it defintely does not give her anymore superiority. Her superiority, to me atleast, comes from what’s on the inside.

All I know is you seem really cool. Cool people don’t wear black all of the time, but depressed or losers do. Have you ever thought how fame, wealth, and beauty are much more intimidating and commanding, than a mere color will ever be? Just think, ‘Angela Joline.’ When people are around her they shake in their booties due to her, not from her morbib attire.

SUPER kala. . . that’s a cool name! I like the SUPER.

Have you ever thought about contacts?

I see someone like Palin wearing the glasses all of the time to make her look smart, but you are smart! You also are young, petite, and yes. . . you are definately drop dead gorgeoeus.

This was not a real ‘encouraging’ email. It’s just that, my girlfriend allready has me. She doesn’t care if I talk to other females, because she knows I would never cheat on her.

Your hair too!

It’s delicious.

With hair like that you could wear it virtually a different way everyday for the rest of your life!

This is the real reason cheating to so many people is so irresistable. People often have no LIFE to them. They wear the same type of dress day after day. . . talk like others. . try to be others. .


All I know is you have an awesome voice and were fun to listen to this morning.

Okay, you were a turn ON.


See ya."

Then a few hours later:

"I am totally bored today. But, you want to hear something kinda funny?

After I wrote to you about the ‘black’ issue, I see this stupid movie with Jonnie Knoxville in it. It it, he hires this dude to drive a hearse for him. The hearse is yellow with all of the flowers all over it.

Knoxville goes, "What the heck? Don’t you know all hearses are supposed to be black."

So, I feel kind of dumb. All I know is I have never paid ANY chic to ‘dominate’ me, and I probably never could. Every girl I have ever been with I have told her I ‘m a lesbian, because. . . well. . . it’s the only type of woman I am attracted to. So, whatever.

Friendship first with me.
The sex thing is fun and all, but I. . .

I get ALOT more out of the friendship part of it, than I do the sex.

Sorry for bugging you.

If you want to chat give me an e-mail sometime.


Such a pathetic attempt to get a pretty girl to write back to him. These rambling, stoner-esque emails crack me up for mainly one reason… I actually don’t wear all black very often! I wear a lot of colors and am a very bright and cheery person, even with my slaves. I giggle as I dominate,it’s just my personality. So where the fuck he got this idea I am not sure. It seems like he is talking about me but if you notice in the first email he fully gets my name wrong. Anyhow, I got the first one yesterday while out at the new house and my gf & I were in fits reading it on my phone. I’m sure this loser will be very disappointed when I don’t "give" him an email sometime, ha. 

4 thoughts on “boys, boys, boys

  1. Lol omg I love the prayers and praises the Kyaaists offer You! Helps me to know I’m in the right track. Yeah.
    But omg, that email you trying to manipulate You! Talk about transparent. Glad it amused You in an eyerolling kinda way 😉

  2. i just wanted to say thank you Goddess Kyaa,i am late and must go to work for You now,time just flies when i worship You,but in reality i worship You twenty four hours a day,thank you ,thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you, Goddess Kyaa!
    It is a great inspiration to read this post and realize that it is possible through devotion and self-humiliation to get the attention of the loveliest, kindest and strictest Goddess.
    Even though You are in the middle of a house move, You do not spare Your efforts to guide Your followers. No wonder You are loved by so many.

  4. i live in Your Divine Light.
    Divine One, thank You so much for Your kind comment.
    To know that my pathetic efforts please You fills my heart with joy,
    pleasing You is my reason and purpose in life.
    i worship You, You are truly Divine in every way.
    As for the crazy e-mail, what a fool ! Every one can see, You shine like the sun,
    The glow of Your happiness shines on Your owned pets lighting up our lives !


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