Photos from the new house…

After many requests, here are some photos from the new house. Many of these I posted on twitter as they are just snapshots taken with my phone:

This is one of the smaller bathrooms upstairs It’s hard to tell in this photo but above my head it is actually a really huge skylight..

Cash in my hand, looking down into the stairwell. I love the polished blond wood!

The first two shots above are taken using the full legnth mirror, with the master bathroom behind me. Then the third photo is the deep and huge jetted bathtub I’ll be gettin naked in soon, lol.

The master (or rather Mistress) bedroom. I will take some more photos of this room today because you can’t see the pillars very well, you can’t see the raised fireplace or the amazing view out to the pond filled with lil baby koi fish and lilly pads. 

This is the full wet-bar, complete with polished brass stool bar, custom made lights, a wine/beer fridge, and more. This is located in my studio space where I also have an amazing full competition size red felt pool table,  a full bathroom I will be able to shoot in,  projector with huge screen, and is wired with speakers inside and outside.

Our new king size memory foam bed is being delivered today so once we finish getting all my props and other camera equipment moved over I will be able to start filming in the new house. 

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13 thoughts on “Photos from the new house…

  1. Thank You and Congratulations, Goddess!
    Lovely pictures of a lovely house of the loveliest Goddess!
    A home like that at the age of 22, is one proof of Your Uniqueness, Goddess.
    You look so happy, which makes everybody happy. Thank you for sharing those wonderful moments with Your followers, Goddess Kyaa!


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