New Philosophy of a Femme Domme video

 Yes, my pet, my sissy know previously as goodboy4kyaa… this video was made because of you, because of just how open and honest you are with everyone. But no, I didn’t make it because I think you should be in the closet…. I made it because I know that the world can judge, and be very cruel…. but the only one who should be judging or being cruel to you is me!

Also, I had renamed goodboy4kyaa sissy michelle but I am changing it to sissy mindi! From now on goodboy4kyaa will be sissy mindi… and this Philosophy of a Femme Domme video was inspired by you pet!

Now for your instructions for the weekend! 

1. I want you to ‘thumbs up’ the video above and leave a comment! 

2, Then go to my clips store and buy a video, any video. Then comment below saying which video you bought.

3. While you watch the video go to my Birthday wishlist and buy something, anything, just click & pay while you  worship like a desperate fool, on your knees, listening to my voice tease you from that video you bought.

4. Email me, let me know you have followed the instructions. Tell me how many times you have already watched the  video you downloaded and send me a link to the item you bought off my wishlist. My email address is

Every loser boy who fallows the 4 simple steps above will be rewarded with some extra special exclusive photos of me in my new house! I won’t be posting photos of the new place until at least a week from now, but if you obey now you can have some amazing, hot photos in my new expensive house… Send your email once you have finished the instructions above… I will send you a zip file with the first photos taken in my amazing new home, all paid for by horny boys just like you!

Okay boys, I will have a lot more for you later tonight or tomorrow morning! I want to see some good boys obeying right now though!

6 thoughts on “New Philosophy of a Femme Domme video

  1. Still trying to find this lost video somewhere on the world wide web. It has to be somewhere. A little over a year later Goddess Kyaa gave me the honor to lock Her collar around my neck for eternity as a shining symbol of Her power and control over my mind, body and soul. She is cruel and sadistic, but She is also kind and compassionate and She has always taken care of my little lost soul.

    It’s things like this that explains why I think like I do today. She has been in total control of my mind since the day I surrendered and crawled to Her. Thank You my Goddess Kyaa!


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