How to get blocked on yahoo after being a big fat waste of my precious time

 I get an IM and a chat fee from a guy who has even bought my Rules and read them! I get him to give me the pass-phrase and soon he is telling me about his small dick and cheating girlfriend. He’s sending me photos of her and her hot ex (which I tell him I am convinced are stolen off facebook or something) … he says he will try to find a photo of the two of them together. 
After about an hour he eventually agrees to send $150 for a 10 minute clip of me humiliating his predicament, telling him how he cant satisfy her and how she is cheating with this hot guy. Sounds like an easy and quick custom… then he says he wants an outfit from some old clip where I’m wearing "a pink top, garter belt, stockings and heels with the little silver dangly charm" so I tell him that I don’t do scripts or specific outfits but I will put something sort of like that on to really make him weak….
I already had this outfit picked out for today, so I figured, fuck he will be thanking his lucky stars, I’m lookin SMOKIN today…
After hours and hours the gift card never shows up,all the while my  having to tell him ever hour or so to not bug me, to wait for the gc to show up, that I wont make the video till after it gets here… he is already seriously seriously testing my patience but I figure he is just pathetic and horny so I try to take it easy on him…. 
Then he asks what Im wearing for the video, I tell him to look at my daily video and the… WTF? Immediately he starts bitching, saying thats not his thing, he wanted that outfit from that one video he likes so much, why aren’t I wearing that for him, after all he paid me! …….

Woah, stop there, what the fuck do you mean "after all I paid you" … hahahaha, obviously you don’t get how this works. It is an honor to get a video from me, and you pay for that honor. I’m not a fucking robot that spits out the clip of your fucking loser dreams. "But I just wanted to conduct some buisness here" … so I ask "Are you even submissive? Really submissive or just a pervert?" and then it comes out "Nah, you just have a hot ass and I liked how much more I can see your ass in that video." 

BAM blocked

Waste of my time.

will try to get to a proper update later

2 thoughts on “How to get blocked on yahoo after being a big fat waste of my precious time

  1. i know we males can be / are stupid but how can any one be this stupid ?
    he has the atention of The most perfect woman ever, (A Living God to me) and then acts like this!

  2. it feels like knives stabbing me when i see things like this Goddess Kyaa. they are lost and confused and obviously have not been blessed with the gift of Your salvation.that is a terrible sin,one that i would guess will not be forgiven, poor garbage,he will forever be lost


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