Clip updates, birthday wishlist & more!!

Clip updates for the first weekend of the month!

First off I received my $1,200 cash tribute from goodboy4Kyaa this week! Watch a preview of the clip I made opening the package. Drool, wishing that could be your cash in my hand. My pet goodboy4Kyaa is an obedient sissy slave who has been dedicated to me since not long after I start using NiteFlirt! Over the past months he has saved and saved to be able to do this and now as I post this up on my journal I will also tell you all his new sissy name! While "goodboy4Kyaa" will remain his username from now on I will refer to this particular slave as "sissy michelle" !!! 

To get the rest of this clip plus more exclusive videos of me with this money to be added later in the week ONLY on my members site! 
$49.95 for 30 days access to over 500 full length videos and 200 HD photos. Enough fuel for your addiction
to turn even a casual worshipers into an obsessed dedicated slaveboy!

Breast Worship Hypno for Sissies
In the amazing, seductive, hypnotic and humiliating breast worship video you will not just get to worship my perky tits from all angles but you will be brainwashed, making it even harder for you to figure out if you are addicted to my breasts because they turn you on or if you are simply jealous of my perfect tits! That’s right bitch, you will dream of growing your own boobies while you watch me play with mine… what a lucky sissy! Click pay stroke! 

Ballerina Princess Tease & Denial
Dressed up like the tall, slender and sexy ballerina princess of your wet loser dreams I will tease and humiliate you, forcing you to confess your addiction to every inch of my ballerina body and outfit, from the soles of my pink ballet slippers and sexy high arches to the way that black leotard fits so tightly on my ass and pussy. Click and pay now, worship my flexible, sexual, ballerina body.


Piggy Cash In My Fetish Heels 10-02-2010
I’m playing with a recent tribute of $1K+ in $100 bills, crushing and stepping on the cash, and all while in some ultra hot money filled fetish platform heels.Lots of feet close ups, arches, cash crushing, walking in heels, toe pointing, and more! A dream come true for a foot worshiping, heel licking loser who knows he has to pay to please me!

There are also 2 new daily videos added to both clips4sale for direct download and up FREE for the pets on my members store. I filmed quite a few amazing videos today but I have decided to hold off on putting them up until a little later in the week… so for now, JOIN the members site… buy a couple new hot full size videos for your collection and then figure out where your bank account is standing now that you have your paycheck and….

Shop for My Birthday! Goddess Day 2010 is just 27 days away!

There have been thousands spent already by between 15 and 20 different boys who were so keen to honor my birthday they went shopping super early. Now the time is gathering near, so get over to my wishlist, buy something and then email me and let me know what you bought! Tonight I even added some inexpensive items because some of the more poor pets who worship me begged for some items that they can afford so now there is *no* excuse!

That’s all for now pets, follow my instructions above. Join the members site and spend the next 30 days growing more and more addicted to me… once you have membership hurry over to amazon and buy me a gift for my birthday!

6 thoughts on “Clip updates, birthday wishlist & more!!

  1. Thank You, Goddess Kyaa
    What a wonderful video! Thank You, Goddess, for sharing it with us losers. It is so good of You to find the time to make it possible for a loser like me to see Your beauty and hear Your wise words.


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