slave news update + birthday contest news!

 I have decided to put my hot new Helpless Fool clips on sale for the next week or so… not only have lots of losers been clicking and paying for it all on their own but I allowed my long-term chastity slave ‘sissysplosh’ a real true orgasm to this video as well!

The last time this slut came was a night time oopsie that left it’s sheets sticky and a guilty feeling in it’s little whore heart. I am such a kind Goddess though, I took this as a sign to allow my sissy a "reset" if you will, but allowing it one nice hard orgasm. Of course it would all have to be done MY way, and that meant it was dragged out over 2 days of cuckolding & being put on the back burner… 

This is how it went:

Friday- I get $150 gift card from the good girl so that I might email back and forth and chat on skype, mostly ignoring it as I go about my day, hanging out with my girlfriend and dominating other pets. To my sluts suprise I brought up that I might let him cum if he follows my instructions. Like I explained to him at the time this isn’t something he is paying to be allowed to do, this is something I am simply allowing, so long as my exact instructions are followed. I then had my sissy buy both parts 1 and 2 (he got the full HD of part 1 and the 720P of part 2) and then he was allowed to watch part 1. After that and all the the intense humiliation he suffered having to sit in an adult diaper and piss himself while worshiping my video I allowed him to clean himself up and go to bed. 
Saturday- The slut gets email instructions to take photos in the maid outfit keep cleaning and work on blog posts (see hilarious screenshots below) … once I had my photos the slut was allowed to line up the video and email me, kneeling, to ask for permission to hit play. I gave permission and about 15 minutes later I got the giggle inducing email you see below. (and for you losers reading this, only you boys who read my blog are lucky enough to get a hint at some of what is in part 2 by reading this stuff, lucky boys!)

Now the cage is back on and this chastity slut will be thankful to be locked up in my honor for a very long time!

and the photos from today:

I especially love the discription of the pathetic and humiliating state my slut was in while being allowed that single orgasm. So fucking funny!


My birthday is now just a teensie bit more than a month away! It doesn’t matter if you get paid at the end of the month or the beginning, now is the time to purchase a gift and get yourself on the list of 15 different boys who have shopped for my birthday (2 of which have spent $500+) ….

here is a gif I made of 3 photos I took of the pile so far:

okay, that’s enough for now boys… more soon! you all know I am crazy busy with the upcoming move and much more so follow my twitter to get the up-to-the-minute updates!

8 thoughts on “slave news update + birthday contest news!

  1. Full of respect
    i must say i am full of admiration and respect for You POWER and BEAUTY, Goddess. Thank You for letting me see this fearsome post that shows the magnitude of Your power.

  2. Divine One, to be named in Your interview is such a great honour !
    i am less than nothing when not in the light of Your perfection.

  3. Chastity
    Thank you Goddess. I ask because I´m having trouble finding a cage that it´s suitable for real long term wear. How long was she locked up?


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