Clips4sale news!

 This post is mainly to let you losers know about the new clips from this last week but I also want to explain some changes that will be happening on my clips store over the next few months. 
I am going to be adding more and more full 1080P HD videos and so to help avoid confusion from now on new clips being posted will be clearly marked by the title and at the end of the description with the size and file type… plus if you look at the sexy preview gif you will see the size flash in there so you can see at a glance which clip is HD and which is smaller.
The three common sizes you will see will be 1080P HD (which is full size HD, the best possible quality with ultra high detail), 720P HD (which is a smaller HD file, easier to download but still very high quality) and a smaller non-HD WMV file that is quick to download. 

I am also going to start going through and removing old clips from late ’08 and early ’09, reformatting them, and adding them again. Some of the clips may not go back up though, especially anything I decide is low quality. I won’t be adding back any of the old ‘daily’ videos and some old custom clips that have been up for sale for a long while now. So what you should do is get over to my clips store and explore my older videos and buy any you get horny for.. they may not be around for long! 

And in the coming weeks my clips4sale store will even undergo a massive facelift which I am super excited about. Keep an eye out for more news on it soon.

For now, onto the clips for the week:
Using your mouth – Heel gagging instructions POV
I have come up with a new use for your disgusting loser face. Open up and get ready to have your gag reflex tested, if you can’t take my chunky high heel you will just have to spend more time fucking your face. I’ve decided that I’m going to use your mouth as my own personal high heel cleaning device so it’s time to work on getting rid of your gag reflex entirely!

(this one I already told you boys about and has been selling like hot-cakes!)
Go Broke for My Ass!
I want you to suffer so you can cum for my ass. I know what a panty-addicted butt-junky you are so don’t think for one second I don’t know just how weak you are… and to get what you want, to cum hard jerkin it for my ass, you have to pay up. I want you to go fucking broke for my perky ass and pink panties. I am hungry for your cash. Only once you are struggling to buy food and keep a roof over your head will I be sated.
Crawl, kneel, beg for Goddess Kyaa
I make you so weak you will not resist, you will crawl, you will kneel, and you will beg for me to let you stroke and cum at my feet. Prostrate yourself as I tease you with my legs, ass and cleavage. I am so beautiful and powerful, there is no way to resist, you are too weak and helpless. Buy this video now and soon you will be crawling to me, kneeling and begging to cum for my tight young body.
Tiny Prick Contest for little dicked losers
Have you ever wondered if your jerk-stick is too small to impress a girl like me? Buy this clip and follow along to find out, you will need: a ruler, your horny dick, and a camera. This video will walk you through exactly how I want you to measure your sorry excuse for a penis. Soon we will know if you deserve the title of "littlest prick!"
(Contains: lots of small penis humiliation and instructions for submitting your tiny dick photos but also some CBT & JO instructions, tease & denial, cleavage & body worship!)

That’s all for now, pets. I will update more soon. I have slave news, updates on all the gifts being bought for my birthday, plus more clips, photo sets and more. Make sure you comment below if you have bought one of these clips and confess just how weak it made you!


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