A good start to the weekend….

 I didn’t get my NiteFlirt lines on until late this evening due to several reasons, some good, some not so good. First off, the not so good (just so I can get my bitching out of the way, afterall, that’s partly what you losers are for!) … I’m sore! My legs hurt like hell, as though I went and climbed a mountain yesterday, and yes, I know what that feels like as I have climbed several. The funny thing is that I have had a lazy week. The most vigerous thing I’ve done besides some fun naked time with my gf has been driving around house hunting in the early part of the week. This has got me feeling like staying in pj pants & a tee and just enjoying what is the biggest good reason I didn’t get online until late tonight…

Two of my birthday gifts are already here, and are the ones I am opening early. The rest are going in a pile (a growing pile!) to be opened on cam the day before my birthday. We have my pets bulterdorky & goodboy4kyaa to thank for these gifts which I am very happy to say I have already been enjoying today!

Tah-da! My new PS3 & Xbox360 freshly set up and as you can see the Xbox is currently ON!
Perhaps in the coming weeks I might start to let you boys in on my geek/gamer side a little more…..
Now that you have been blessed with that impromptu snapshot you can read about the driveby wallet raping I have already had tonight since turning my lines on just a couple of hours ago:

So this loser calls and says he is a new caller, and a pay-pig, weak and addicted to spending on my clips store. I ask how much he makes a month and he says "about $500" which amused me knowing how much my clips cost and how much it costs per minute to speak with me. After teasing him for a few minutes I ordered him to go buy my new "Go Broke for My Ass!" financial domination & panty/ass fetish clip so that he could be truly desperate to pay me and then to call back. I honestly don’t expect losers to call back after I give an order like that. They generally buy the clip but cum and then wimp out on calling back, only submissive boys who are really eager to please me make it as far as calling back and this one did. The next call didn’t last long, but the multiple tributes he paid while I teased him made me smile… and that is all a bitch like him (or you) can ever hope for!

This is the clip he bought:

Go Broke for My Ass!
I want you to suffer so you can cum for my ass. I know what a panty-addicted butt-junky you are so don’t think for one second I don’t know just how weak you are… and to get what you want, to cum hard jerkin it for my ass, you have to pay up. I want you to go fucking broke for my perky ass and pink panties. I am hungry for your cash. Only once you are struggling to buy food and keep a roof over your head will I be sated.

and this is his wallet rape record from tonight (click to enlarge):

Full clip updates for the weekend will be posted tomorrow morning, but for now you can
call me on NiteFlirt or just get out your credit card so you can CLICK PAY AND STROKE right now!

5 thoughts on “A good start to the weekend….

  1. Re: games
    a- you dont get my gamertags.
    b- I play lots of games, right now I am playing a lot of Red Dead Redemption and I am looking forward to both Fable II and Assassins Creed III which are on my birthday wishlist 😉 … I am also getting a full set up for Gran Turismo 5 with a hot Porsche game wheel so I can race in style. I enjoy all sorts of games from RPGs to RTS and even some FPS.

  2. games
    I see that you have a new ps3 and a new xbox do you play online if so whats your psn or your gamer tag what kind of games do you play?

  3. thank you
    thank you Goddess Kyaa for taking the time to feed my addiction to You through this update.i cannot stop staring at that photo,every time i see Your finger i just smile knowing that is all i could ever hope for.thank you for the honor of being used by You.i don’t even know when You are bitching,i am just listening.i know in the end i will be broke but i keep my head just above the water line so i may stroke.so as long as You allow me to work for You the end will not come i cannot hardly wait to buy this clip after one more day of work for You,if i get it now You are right,i will really be useless,so i will stay pent up today and punish myself and force myself to wait.thank you Goddess Kyaa


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