loo-zer : another ‘opinion’ piece

 This is a response to a recent piece on the Domme Scene blog. It is also a response to all the picky boys who cannot handle being called anything other than the insults they find arousing, of which I have had many in the past. 

Before I begun my life as an online Goddess I rarely used “loser” as an insult. I never saw anything that insulting in losing. Everyone loses occasionally how is it that offensive? Since I found out how powerfully some horny males react to that word it’s become one of my favorite nicknames for the submissive boys who worship me.
As usual I will begin by defining the word in question. Most official dictionary websites list this definition or something close to it – “Loser (‘loo-zer’) – 1. Someone or something that has lost or failed. 2. A person or thing that is marked by consistent failure, bad performance, low quality, etc. 3. (slang) Someone who is seen as doomed to fail/unable to succeed.” If you take every insult I use literally, and use the third definition there, then sure that could be seen as insulting, even if the one I dub “loser” is a perverted old man. After all, even a perverted old man can occasionally succeed, even if it is only by choosing to spend money on me verses someone else! On the other hand, taking my every insult literally would be inane. Among the other insults I love to use as nicknames for my fans are words like ‘pet’, ‘bitch’, ‘worm’, ‘slave’, ‘slut’, ‘whore’ and much more. (ooo! A rhyme!)
Apply the idea that the words I use are all meant to be taken literally and suddenly all the guys who spends cash to worship me are not only a female canines, but they are also non-arthropod invertebrate animals, and they sleep around a lot too!
Now, I am not saying that I don’t mean anything I say either… because anyone reading this knows that I am contacted by a great many true losers! So yes, some of you are truly losers, marked consistently by failure, but no one is doomed to anything, no one is is fated to being incapable of succeeding. To read that meaning into that word says more about your own fears and lack of self esteem than my being mean or cruel.
Plus, as I have said in the past and will say again- any horny male who is allowed any sort of contact with me needs to understand that it is an honor and a privilege, they are truly there only to be allowed to make me happy and since humiliating men makes me happy they (you) will just have to deal with it. Others will bring up that just because someone is submissive it doesn’t mean they like humiliation, or that if they like humiliation that doesn’t mean that they don’t have limits to that humiliation, even with something as simple as the word ‘loser.’ In a real-life, face-to-face D/s situations a persons limits must be taken into consideration, their likes and dislikes carefully understood so that the dominant one can keep the submissive ones physical and mental safety in mind. Any male in contact with me is not face-to-face with me. No, you are at your computer, paying an arm and a leg to be allowed to be insulted by me… so if you do not like me or the way I speak to my pets, don’t contact me, don’t read my blog. Want to be a winner? Try making your own choices for once, try getting out there and finding someone who loves you for who/what you are, or come and kneel, stop thinking, and obey so you can be my loser boy.

And a photo to get your attention: 

In my next post you will get to click and pay for the full photo set, and perhaps if you beg I will also post more preview photos from this hot shoot. Damn, just look at those legs…. haha, go get a rag and wipe the drool off your desk, bitch! 

For now you can follow the simple instructions below so you can be my good boy, so you can please me, right away and even earn yourself a very special reward:

1- Go buy at least 1 new worship video from my clips store: http://www.clips4sale.com/store/23738

2- Watch the clip once through, stroking slowly, then go to my Goddess Day 2010 wishlist on amazon and buy me something for my upcoming 23rd birthday: http://amzn.com/w/AB0TN3MR5HUB

3-Email me (Domme.Kyaa@gmail.com) and tell me what clip you bought and what you bought for my birthday, also include some sort of nickname or something I might know you by, and make sure to mention this password "rewardmeplease" to earn yourself the full set from the photos you see above (that’s 24 HD photos) for free as your reward. This reward is only for good boys who read my blog on a regular basis, so get to it, you can only get this set for free for the next 2 weeks, max! That’s right, for the next 2 weeks if you follow these three simple steps you get this set free.. it’s so simple so get clicking and paying boys.

2 thoughts on “loo-zer : another ‘opinion’ piece

  1. thank you Goddess Kyaa for speaking.Your words are my music,i choose to stop thinking, to kneel and worship and obey You so i can be Your loser and then i am a winner.to be called Your pet,worm,slave,slut,pig,bitch,or whore, to me means i am Yours.it IS an honor and a privilege to be in contact with You in any way shape or form,so that i may be used,abused,humiliated and degraded by You, is the ultimate reward because it pleases You.by surrendering all of my pride to You it has freed me to humiliate and degrade myself with honor in my never ending desire to attempt to amuse You,that is just loser me goodboy4kyaa there is no other way for me this is where i belong.and no i do not deserve to be here Goddess Kyaa so thank you Goddess Kyaa!


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