Clip updates to DIE for!

  New  Clips for my pets!

Taking your life- POV death fetish role play  
Dressed to and so cruel you will be shocked at just how aroused you get watching me describe, POV style, how you have been serving me for a long time now… but you have not managed to follow all of my orders and rules. Over time you have ended up broke and jobless… yes most of that was my doing, but you didn’t obey properly and so now the only thing you have to offer is your life! I am going to allow you one last moment of worship, one last moment looking up at the Goddess you have sacrificed everything for. So count every stroke and every breath, they will be your last!
Caution! POV style d.eath fetish role play with hardcore financial domination and humiliation as well as a fair share of ass worship and weapon play! I have warned you, this clip is sadistic and seductive, with a brutal ending!

Foot freaks forced confession  
Are you a horny loser boy who jerks off to pretty girls, hm? I know the truth, not only do you jerk off for sexy young women but you jerk off to their feet! Yes, while other men are watching pornography, wanking while fantasizing about fucking a pussy, you are so pathetic that you are secretly looking at her toes and soles! This clip is going to force you to face what a foot freak you are. There is no escaping the truth, you are hard just thinking of being "forced" to worship my feet. Kneel now and see if you can watch this without getting a drippy dick If you can manage not to become aroused, congrats, you might not be a full on foot fetish freak!

you don’t deserve this: a reward for My addicts – parts 1 & 2  
The only thing you need to understand before you download this clip is that you do not deserve one second of the video you are about to watch. In part 2 I am close to the camera, allowing your unworthy ass the great honor of watching as I tease you with my young hot body so fucking hard you will be shouting out "thank You, Goddess Kyaa!" over & over as you mindlessly worship on your knees. Even as I let you see my tiny white gstring panties up close, letting you get closer to nirvana than you could possibly imagine, you will be verbally humiliated, reminded constantly of your status as a pathetic male pervert. In part 2 you will get to worship my legs and ass in skin tight latex like never before, then, just as you think you will not be able to take anymore you will watch in awe as I slip my pants down below my perky ass cheeks and come even closer to the camera.
Click and pay NOW for part 1 and 2, begin the download and lock all the doors! Once you begin watching this clip you need to be alone and someplace you can jerk off and make noise!

Pantyhose Ass & Gusset Tease & Denial 
From your place on the floor the view up my skirt is fucking perfect. From there you can see right up the slit in the back of my tight pinstriped dress, right up between my creamy pantyhose wrapped thighs to that little cotton patch between my legs called the gusset. I know your weakness for my pantyhose legs and ass, but today I am going to focus on that little patch. While you get to see lots of my ass in those sheer nude hose, for the most part I will be teasing you with the thought of how close to my sweet pussy that gusset is, I will make you beg for a sniff, a whiff, a tiny little lick of my dirty pantyhose gusset, waving my ass back and forth over your face, making you a total fucking addict for my gusset!

Cure for Public Boners – In the Office
Ever got a hard on at the office? Ever worried about getting caught sporting a tiny tent in your slacks because of some sexy young vixen in a tight dress and pantyhose? This will help, loser boy! Goddess Kyaa is here to rescue you from yourself! I have a cure for that naughty public boner you keep getting, just watch this clip each day before work and jerk jerk jerk! Watch again at work and wank in the bathroom if further aid is needed… click pay stroke, you NEED this loser boy!

Hit Woman Fur Fetish- Custom Clip (16 mins long)
This clip is a custom video that cost the loser who bought it $150. The request was for a "hit woman fetish video, with also heavy makeup and fur fetish." This clip contains that and much more. As the viewer you are my victim, my mark, I have been hired to come and you for being such a fucking pervert. I decide to take my time and show you just how much of a fur fetish pervert you are, putting on real fur cuffs and playing with it… how will I you? Knife? Injection? ? Click and pay to find out!
D.eath fetish, hit woman, edge play, + lots of fur fetish and humiliation!

Also 2 New Photo sets!!!

Silver Latex Legs & Ass
Skin tight latex pants and tiny bra-top make this one hot photo set. Taken with my HD webcam, you even get shots of my perky bare ass cheeks! Also included are belly fetish, leg fetish, ass fetish, latex fetish and more. A must have for any latex addict or Goddess Kyaa worshipers! Need to see more? Buy my clips in the same outfit! (each of the 14 photos in this set are 1280×720 jpgs)

Black satin corset, sheer stockings & garter belt
– you cannot resist paying to worship me!
These are hot photos taken of an outfit I wore while making some outrageously hot clips! I am so hot it’s deadly and you will be on your knees thanking me for these 8 shockingly sexy photos taken with my new HD webcam. The photos are each 1280×720 and super sharp. 8 photo total, with photos of my face smirking down at you, my perky ass and long legs, up skirt and panty shorts plus even my bright red high heels. A real mix showing off this sexy outfit. Click and pay now boys! And click below to see the clips I made in this same outfit…

Visit my images store to buy them both, just $5.99 each:

Also I have been asked to let promote my newest femme fatale clip and to do a POV James Bond death fantasy video which they have been getting a lot of sexy ladies to do… I must admit I love the idea of the Bond role play video, and might be helping myself to it in the next few weeks. If you boys have other clip themes you are dying to see me get into let me know, if you beg hard enough I might think of it… but remember, as always, custom videos will cost you!

More soon, boys!

(oh and yeah, slaveb/womenrule put %90 of this post together for me since I am so busy in the early part of the week. Make sure you leave a thank you for him in the comment you leave below! if you have bought one of the clips below mention which one and how many times you have jerked for it already!!)

23 thoughts on “Clip updates to DIE for!

  1. i have jerked off twice to five of these clips Goddess Kyaa.
    #1 i do not deserve this reward video for helpless addicts,1 and 2
    #2 cure for public boners in the office
    #3 panty hose ass and gusset tease and denial
    #4 last but not least “taking your life pov death fetish”, which i just finished watching again for my morning worship,i have to confess i stopped jerking off this time and listened to Your spoken words in that video,fuck that is quite sobering,my ultimate fate is not to promising,i never really thought about it like that.i started asking myself the question,”does that mean me?” “Goddess Kyaa will always find a way for me to be useful to Her,that can’t mean me,please Goddess Kyaa!! it was intense the second time watching that video,i have a few goosebumps but i am ok,i think.yikes! i am going to work for You right now Goddess Kyaa,that pleases You,i will be back later,after watching that video i can’t to get to work for You,going now,haha

  2. i do not know why i showed up as anonymous,i guess i was not signed in,i am not the one anonymous i am me,that was last night, the very small print just made me giggle, that’s all.i think it is true though, its better than be completely ignored.

  3. Re: —
    ok i’m so sorry im sorry im sorry sorry sorry please please don’t tell my wife she’ll kill me i’ll do anything u want going to buy a reward for My addicts – part 2 when wife goes to sleep sorry please forget me.


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