new brainwashing photo set

Busy, weird, slightly stressful weekend but I did do two small photo shoots that resulted in two drool inducing photo sets. The first of them is already up on images4sale and NF, so click and pay now my pets…. open the LJ cut below to see a very large preview image. Cover your keyboard, because you are going to be leaning in close to the screen and salivating in a few seconds….



Click the photo to be taken to my images store so you can click and pay for the full size set (yes, the photos will be even bigger than this!) or you click the button below to buy on NiteFlirt, and just for $5.99! Look into my eyes and you know you have no choice but to obey.

I have been getting LOTS more gifts for my birthday, many of which have already arrived. More to follow, perhaps even later today but I doubt it. Look out for a full post on who bought what and even a slave update for later this week…. for now

1- BUY ME A BIRTHDAY (Oct. 30th is the special day, mark it down, bitch) GIFT IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY!
2- Get your ass over to clips4sale and join my members site which continues to rank high at #5:
3- Buy my new clips, there are some fucking hot ones going up today:

5 thoughts on “new brainwashing photo set

  1. Intimidated
    Thank You for sharing Your perfect penetrating stare with Your subjects Goddess Kyaa. How anyone, male OR female, could witness Your powerful, denuding image without prostrating themselves before You and eagerly offering You a leash to their existence is hard to imagine.
    You know very well that I personally find it impossible. I simply have to look away lest I be reduced to a pool of dithering idiocy…which I always am in Your presence anyway. Sometimes I feel as though Your perfection is wasted on me when You decide to share it with this sissy on webcam. You know. I can’t look at You, my Goddess. No matter what humiliations or disciplinary torments You decide to impose on Your sissy, or how encouraging You are, I know I don’t deserve to observe Your countenance.
    Looking at this image You have so mercifully allowed…a still image though it is…with no expectations, no demands, no verbal assault…I STILL can’t look into it without feeling intimidated and needing to turn away. All I can do is look down at the shaved and chastised clitty and balls that You own and KNOW WHY, and be happy.
    sissy splosh


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