video post for loser boys!

 Okay, I meant to do this last weekend but as you can see it didn’t happen. Obviously there are things other than you losers that have been keeping me busy, so thank your lucky stars I can even be bothered updating right now:

From last week, my opinion piece for womenrules Domme Scene blog:

Inspired by another sexy ladies video (check out the Domme Scene to see it plus other opinion pieces by lots of sexy ladies) and basically goes over how I feel about men in general and my history with men. If you have any questions about this leave a comment with the question for my next interview video HERE:

Next is my Philosophy of a Femme Domme video on chastity! Post a video reply and maybe in my next video I will answer any questions or respond to comments from your video reply! 

I am currently doing some ignore cam on yahoo while editing video for clips4sale… next week I have some clips that I will be filming that will blow your loser minds so save up! I might even get to another update here on LJ later tonight….


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