quick update!

I had plans to get more done this weekend in the way of an opinion piece and lots of hot clips… but well, my girlfriend and I have been going through one of those phases where we can’t stop tuckering each other out with lots and lots of orgasms. One super hot random fact about my house: I have a hitachi magic wand (my favorite sex toy besides the human mind!) in almost every room in my house, plugged in and ready to GO! I love having and giving orgasms (to women) so these gems are tucked away in each room ready for when the "moment" hits… and it keeps on hitting this weekend. I think I have cum 5 times at least since I woke up, just from fooling around casually with my girlfriend. We don’t even make it to all the way naked, just dry humping and grinding the shit out of each other… what the hell is in the air this weekdend… I’m twitterpated!

And no not twitter-pated, twitterpated, like the quote from Bambi. 

So that’s what’s keeping me from getting my new photo shoot ready to share, plus lots of other crap. Tomorrow I will be having a Lost season 6 marathon (bulterdorky spent $120 on the collectors edition or whatnot of the full 6 seasons for me, plus a new $300~ xbox360 slim which has arrived already!) and so will be pretty much out of contact while I’m couchlocked with my girly. 

Once again losers have been clicking and paying like crazy even with me not being around that much. 
My pet goodboy4kyaa continues to do his best to please me with weekly tributes like clockwork.
Lots of new boys have contacted me about keyholding since I put out my chastity videos and youtube clip last week! Who’s next… hmm…

And that’s all for now, I’m distracted by sexy music getting me in the mood to go find my gf and see if she is also distracted from whatever she is up to….

see you later cucks!

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