Video post galore! Freebies to get you ready to click pay and stroke!

 Alright boys today you are going to be counting your lucky stars and thanking me in awe on your knees when you see what I have below.

First off a video blog update:

And for those of you who cannot see this video:

-Birthday wishlist going strong, new purchases made on a regular basis. Just 2 losers have properly submitted their information for entry into the contest so as of right now the loser “in the lead” is goodboy4kyaa who is even tweeting about having his name legally changed to ‘goodboy4kyaa’! In second place is ‘ilovepanties’ aka john. There are 2 boys who have made other purchases but haven’t sent anything in to let me know who they are… if you buy something and want to be a part of the contest or win a free copy of the video I will make opening all my gifts you MUST email me as described in my original explanation of the contest. The biggest purchase so far has been by my pet butlerdorky who bought my new xbox with the kinetic hook up and a preordered copy of the collectors edition of a Fable III. I am still waiting for a loser to buy me the new Ps3 I have on there so GET TO IT! Pay attention to the “priority” which you will notice to the right of the items photo/title/price. Buy up the “highest” items first (if you can afford any)!
-I have been pretty spastic about when I am online, but it’s not that hard to keep up if you follow my twitter! Make an account, follow it, get it on your cell phone, obsess over my every move!
-There are some amazing new clips up for sale that will blow your pathetic piggy minds. Get your asses and your wallets over to my clips4sale store and spend spend spend! Go to slave b’s Domme Scene blog to see what I’m sure you losers will think is a very hot review of my newest hardcore humiliation clip.
-I will be posting a new “opinion piece” soon but I’ve decided to throw loser slave b a bone and let him post it first so once he get’s it up you boys will get a repost.

Now that you are all excited open up my clips4sale and your wallet. Get ready to sacrifice your cash, cum and pride, bitches!
you love me, I loathe you (hardcore verbal humiliation for total fucking losers)
My panties speak the truth, you are already falling in love with me. Don’t think I don’t know that this is turning into more than just a jerk-off obsession, you are in deep, head over heels for me. The best part about the whole thing is that I fucking hate you! Yes, you and all the rest of the worms who crawl around begging for scraps of my attention… you love me and I loathe you. Fuck you, pervert. I am disgusted by you, the only thing you have that I want is the last scraps of your pride and every fucking dollar in your bank account.
ComboLock for your Chastity Cage
Dreaming of having your useless loser cock locked safely away where you can’t play with it? This clip is going to have you begging to lock it away with my slick new combination lock. Once I have your cage outfitted with my little lock here the only way out will be to obey, to obey my every command until you earn your release. Only I know the combination and you will only get it if you obey!
Blue Eyes Brainwashing: Bell Trigger – For Chastity Slaves #1
With my other "Blue Eyes Brainwashing: Bell Trigger" videos being so popular (some of my best selling clips in fact) I thought it time to make one for those slaves who have their unworthy dicks locked away in chastity for me. In the previous Bell Trigger videos the viewer is made into a helpless cock jerking addict, getting hard and cumming on command… but not you, no. Do not buy this unless you are hoping to become or are already in chastity! This mindfucking video is to help those losers who know they are unworthy of orgasm, just hit play and you will forget about your filthy perverted need to wank, you will look deep into my eyes and with every ring of my silver bell you will become more and more obsessed with staying locked away, never cumming, just worshiping on your knees for the rest of your days with your sissy stick in chastity.
Jerk Games: Up & Down
Another installment of my Jerk Games series, and this one with VERY specific stroking instructions… you must follow along and if you can keep up I might let you cum for me loser! Click and pay for a fun little time based stroke challenge I’ve simply titled "Up and Down." Do you have what it takes? All you need to attempt this challenge is your wallet, your dick and one hand to jerk with! Buy this clip, hit play, and I will explain the rest!
Obsessed & Begging Cleavage Hypno-Domination
I will have you begging mindlessly, drooling like one of Pavlov’s puppies for my young perky tits. Warm soft breasts in a tight girly push-up bra form the most perfect cleavage you have ever been allowed to worship. Click and pay now, loser boy. Soon you will beg on your knees as you grow more and more addicted to me and my perfect perky breasts!
Topless Foot Addict Humiliation
Yes, you lucky little loser boy, you will sniff and worship my bare soft soles as I lounge, topless in front of you. All I let you jerk for, the only thing you will get to really see up close are my bare feet as I brutally humiliate you. Amazing bare feet close ups and some seriously sexy and sadistic verbal humiliation make this one of the best foot flips you have seen yet!
Cocksucking Photo Assignment for ‘james’ (a custom video)
A horny little loser boy calling himself ‘james’ emailed me and begged for a custom video where I would tell him exactly how to suck a big fat dick while stopping occasionally between slurps so that he can take photos to later send me in hopes of earning a reward. After making him beg even more and pay $75 just for me to make this clip using his name, this lucky loser got his wish!
Click and pay now, whore! Soon you too will be kneeling before some long hard cock, parting your lips, and snapping pics! Get ready for one of the most detailed and humiliating dick sucking instruction videos you have ever seen!
Surrender Schoolgirl Mindfuck
It doesn’t matter if jerk daily for me or are locked permanently in chastity…. whether you are a rich bitch pay piggy who can’t stop spending or a poor little loser saving up his pennies just to buy this single clip… either way you are weak and addicted to me. Click and pay now for this clip and I will help you realize, as you worship my silk surrender panties from under my little schoolgirl skirt, that you are already under my spell and it is time to surrender completely once and for all!
Exploiting your weakness with ease- a 2 part video
It easy, really. It’s easy because you, loser, are simple. Yes, your perverted mind and your basic male hormones rendering you utterly helpless, like a lamb ready for slaughter. Take one look at the little preview image, read these teasing words, and bam! Already you are trembling with excitment, feeling weaker and loving it. I will exploit your growing weakness with ease. Yes, you will watch, helpless as I effortlessly exploit your every turn on and fantasy… I will make you so weak, so utterly and completly fucking weak that you will be begging to obey my every command, stroking and begging to obey.
I suggest buying both parts 1 and 2 at the same time! Beware, if you buy part 1 thinking you will not need part 2, you are very wrong!

And there are MORE including this one which is already half way down page 2 and is the last one I will mention here, you will have to go to my clips store to see the rest of the hot videos I have added this week!
Ass Worship Addiction 8-6-2010 2 part video
After making my "Jerk Game" clip below in the same outfit I decided that my ass looked to fucking fine in the cute pink cherry-print bikini cut panties to not make an ass worship clip. This 2 part video is going to seriously deepen your addiction! Each moment of this clip is butt-focused, with a lot of amazing close ups, jiggling and squeezing….
Can you even make it through part 1 to get to the ass-crack close ups and extreme close ups in part 2? Don’t wait to find out, buy both parts NOW bitch!

So get over to my clips store now and drain your bank account for me! I will be doing another clip update tomorrow morning along with my Philosophy of a Femme Domme video which is on the subject "chastity."

5 thoughts on “Video post galore! Freebies to get you ready to click pay and stroke!

  1. a new a way to earn money
    you should try this new thing where guys pay to play with a girl on online multiplayer
    its called gamecrush
    you can do ur own thing and get payed, i just thought of it as your a gamer and dommenatrix why not get payed and do ur job while u play
    awesome isnt it

  2. Thank You, Goddess!
    Thank You so much for this great blog post, Goddess Kyaa! You are always so generous to us losers, who actually do not deserve anything. That is why You are loved by so many. You are the most wonderful woman on earth!

  3. thank you Goddess Kyaa,You look out of this world beautiful Goddess Kyaa,i am so weak and helpless at the sight of Your Perfection.i am looking forward to Your Philosophy of a Femme Domme video on chastity.


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