I have been posting a shit ton of clips. I will be doing another post soon that will show off all of those hot new videos and more. For now I’m just going to keep you devoted fans up to date on some other goings ons. 

  • It is completely unexpected though disappointing that the super sexy secret content I have been hinting about for the last few months is being pushed back at least another 30 days. I was hoping to be able to give you losers more information by the end of the month, but due to red tape you boys will just have to wait a while longer. This means I am going to be keeping my interview question submissions open, so you can go on and try to think of some burning question and submit it here: http://domme-kyaa.livejournal.com/62743.html
  • I am beginning the arduous task moving house over the next 3-4 months. This will mean that I will be distracted and busy, out and about looking at places and getting ready to move. I will let you losers know once I am actually going offline for a few days while I get into the new place, but don’t you boys worry, you will be paying for movers so it will be quick and painless for me.
  • My birthday contest is well underway! Just so you boys know though I have excluded a few of my biggest spenders from the competition so that more of you losers have a chance. So far there are just 2 losers who have made purchases and submitted their information correctly, even if there are a few other big spenders who have made some large purchases.  I will have more information on my bday contest in my next post though.

Okay boys, thats all for now, just a quick update. Make sure to leave comments and thank me for my time loser boys!

2 thoughts on “

  1. Your chastity lock
    Hello Goddess Kyaa
    Your chastised sissy just watched Your ‘combo lock’ video…OOOOOOHHHH…You know very well already I’m sure how much being locked and helpless and owned by You enhances Your power over Your subjects. Being forced to sit here all night tonight and ‘click and pay’ to adore Your perfection is difficult and incredible enough in ‘self-enforced’ chastity. But just the THOUGHT…the inkling of the idea to be locked the way I am for You without any hope of release until You might feel the mercy to allow it…AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!
    If only I had that lock right here not now Goddess Kyaa!! Your sissy would be snapping it on so that You would OWN it even more than You already do. It should ALWAYS adore Your perfection in that helpless state. It should NEVER be free to witness and adore and submit itself to Your glory in any other way.
    Yours in perpetual admiration and helplessness before You,
    sissy splosh


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