Goddess Day 2010 update

 I have been very busy working on some special secret content that will be out later this year… for now though I want to say to all you bitches a big :"congrats" for starting off my birthday contest without delay.
Already 2 losers have placed purchases and sent in their required confirmation, with many more losers having made promises to buy this or that gift in the next week or two. Have a look below at the gifts purchased so far:

I have also been adding more items to my wishlist, even ranking my most wanted items with a "highest" priority as seen below:

I have some awesome clips coming out but I wont be updating about them here on LJ until next week when they are all up and available for you to click and pay and stroke to. For now I want you bitches to open up your wallets and start spoiling me for my birthday NOW, buy something small and then between now and Oct. 30th go back and buy a real gift! My pet butler_dorky has already agreed to buy either the xbox or the ps3, so one of you boys needs to buy the other one. I also very much expect one of you losers to buy the Fable III game for me too, as I will be offering to the top 5 spenders FREE IGNORE CAM on my birthday. I will spend at least 2 hours playing a game on one of my new systems and the top 5 spenders (plus who ever buys a video game or game system) will be allowed to tune in and watch me enjoy my birthday gifts.  

CLICK BELOW to go to my birthday wishlist and spoil me NOW:

and click below to visit the orgional post about the Goddess Day 2010 Contest:

In other news I have had lots of amusing photos and videos sent to me by my helplessly owned "goodboy4Kyaa" once of which you can see below… my slut has written his daily affirmation on his wall in nice bold print. I love seeing how proud this slut is to be owned!

leave comments and beg for more blog updates bitches!

5 thoughts on “Goddess Day 2010 update

  1. Domme Kyaa, THANK you for making me your footbitch! It is truly an honor to serve the perfect feet of Domme Kyaa! My place is to serve your feet and be humiliated for it by you! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! It is truly an honor!

  2. you should get a capture card for the game consoles so you can make recordings of the games you play and upload them on the net,
    its a big thing on youtube and im sure ur slaves will love it

  3. i am proud but humble Goddess Kyaa,You are a Great Owner,it is an Honor to be Owned by You,i am proud of that honor.thank you Goddess Kyaa!i am humbled that You would choose to Own me!


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