New photos for your collection!

 I have another mind bendingly h-o-t photoshoot to share with you losers!

The first set shows me wearing an outfit from a video series I have started work on that will have you playing along in some kink role play as I get deep into your little loser mind. Since this set is so great though I couldn’t wait to put them up! There are already 3 videos ready but I want to get MORE ready so you losers can really jump into my rabbit hole. For now get yourself excited wondering with this seductive 99 photo set!

I loved doing this shoot so much I can’t help but want to share lots of the photos,.. but you losers will have to click and pay for more!

07-23-2010: Dr. Kyaa strip-tease
Teasing with my eyeglasses and long blond hair then slowly stripping off my tight black skirt, grey vest, and even my tight white button down cotton shirt. When you get a look at my long slender legs in the sexy nude hose with back-seam running all the way up up to my perfect ass, framed by a 6 point garter belt this will become your favorite set ever! Click and pay now! CLICK PAY STROKE for this amazing 99 photo set! (each photo is 1280×720 and in jpg format, taken with my Cannon)


This set focuses on JUST my feet, and mainly my soles and toes. I realized it had been a while since my last foot only shoot  so here it is boys! Perfect naked soles doing extreme foot bends, toe curls, spreads, pointing and more! This will ruin you foot boy.

Foot Worship Close-Ups 07-23-2010
This set contains 36 super hot HD photos for just $15, that’s less than $2 a photo for big full size pictures of my feet curled up, showing extreme amounts of wrinkles, plus toe spreading and pointing. Foot worship photos that will make you foot loving freaks my slave forever! Worship and obey, click pay stroke! (36 HD jpgs, 1200×720)
Now this set is really special. If you are a hardcore foot freaks you might notice it is actually very rare
to find super HD extreme foot closeups of this quality and clarity. I am not using a regular camera and just
getting up close, no, using special lighting and a rather expensive micro lens on my Cannon that actually magnifies the images.
Click and pay if you dare, these close ups are just perfect for you foot lovers!

Micro-Close-Ups: Foot Freaks Dream 07-23-2010
If you love feet, and I mean, you are one of those filthy nasty foot freaks that wants to lick and suck every inch of my perfect feet, you want to eat my toenails and anything else you might be allowed… if you are a total foot freak then lick and pay now for these super RARE and HARD TO FIND SHOTS! Super MICRO! Yes, so close you can see the ridges of my toe-prints, you can see my feet at 100x lifetime size, it is amazing. It took a $4k professional camera, special lighting and everything to get these shots so pay up now footboys!(38 photos full HD)


and for any Non-NiteFlirt boys, get out your credit card and CLICK PAY STROKE on my images4sale site! Each set is the same size and price there, and all you need is your credit or debit card and you will have the full sets soon my pet!

One thought on “New photos for your collection!

  1. Would like to see a video from You here or on youtube . . .
    Would like to see a video from You here or on youtube . . . on how boys simply can’t compare or measure up in a relationship, as a woman does and can to another woman. My ex wife came out, i was cucked as she enjoyed women, some men too, but in the long run, she’s now a lesbian.
    Many males are learning the women they are attracted to are now instead enjoying lesbian sex and giving up on males for the pleasure and intimacy and finding real and true fulfillment with women.
    As a male, my only hope is to become a sissy and servant to women and support a woman in her choices and life, help her groom and dress, fully embrace my sissy fem side as not to offend and to insure she knows i am a non-issue, and realize women are my betters and live in a way that shows and promotes this to the world. Personally, i wish i had been born female and grew up female, had a female body, went through puberty as a female, etc. It is important males learn their place, the future is female.
    sissy cindy lynn (a name she have me)


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