before & after photos + clip updates

Calm yourself bitch… here are the before and after photos from my trip to the salon yesterday:

I got about 3" taken off all around, maybe a wee bit more in a couple spots. It had been almost 6 months since my last cut, so I needed it! I feel all fresh and sexy for weeks after a haircut, hehe. Love it.

Now time for some clip updates! I made these on Wednesday and got most of them posted up late last night. I do have more being added later today but for now this will keep you busy!  Don’t you dare start pulling on that ugly piece of meat before getting out your credit card! Click, pay, stroke! 

Jerk Games: Redlight Greenlight (How long can you last?!)
It’s time to play a little game! I love playing games with your jerk off habits, loser. Click and pay not to see if you have got what it takes. Can you last till then end and cum when required? We will soon find out!
This clip is going to put your ability to control your greedy pervert hands and jerk only when allowed to the test! In that tight little pink bikini you losers love so much I am going to taunt and tease, calling out "redlight" before showing off my hot body in ways that will have your dick oozing as it bobs, unstroked and aching to be rubbed… only when I call "greenlight" can you wrap your fingers around that thing! Can you manage to resist playing with yourself while I play with the strings of my bikini bottoms and even tease you with my bare bottom and ass crack? I highly doubt it, but you will have to play the game to prove me wrong!

Ass Addict Obsession: you’ve got no chance butt-junky! 2 Part Video
Once again this clip is way to fucking sexy to be letting you losers waste your cash buying it in anything but HD. Yet I know that some losers have such connections/computers that HD is not an option…. so for those of you who can’t handle the HD- pay up, pay extra just because you are so desperate! Otherwise, click and pay now for the HD version loser!
Already you obsess over my ass, always so fucking horny and stupid, seeking your next fix. Click and pay now jerk-junky! This is the most amazing ass worship video you have ever had the chance to wank for and will have you literally licking the screen for my hot pink thong strap!
Loser, you have no fucking chance of resisting, no chance of ever being anything but a horny ass-addicted slave, obsessively stroking away for my sweet young bubble butt! Pay up now for the best ASS video ever!

This clip contains: Tease & denial, strip tease, thong fetish, ASS fetish, and LOTS of extreme closeups of my perky buns and pretty pink thong-strap! A MUST have for every ass loving loser in the whole wide world!

Cruel Bikini Goddess 7-22-2010
After checking this and the next couple clips I made this evening I decided that they are way to fucking hot for you losers to view in anything but the highest quality. I am not selling this (as I do with most clips) in a smaller format and a lower price for faster downloads and slow computers. If your computer can’t handle HD… fuck you! That means you pay more to see my perfect body in less resolution! Buy the HD NOW losers, you NEED this for your collection!
Cruel Bikini Goddess: I’ve decided to let you jerk off for me loser, but you won’t cum easy, no… I’m feeling sadistic (as per usual) and get nasty in this clip. Extra helpings of mean and twisted verbal humiliation, nasty and unpleasant instructions to follow and more!

Puppy-slave In Training: Lesson On Begging
This is a custom video, made at the request of a slave who paid $200 for the honor of being made and send this clip, with his specific training and weaknesses in mind. This loser is already well on the way to being my obedient and owned puppy-slave… are you ready to begin your training?
This is an easy lesson to start with, since you beg like a pathetic bitch in heat for my perfect body without even being told to… but instead of you begging in whatever useless way you’ve been doing it before you will learn to beg how I want you to. Get into position, pup, I am going to collar and leash you, then I am going to make you beg like an to make your filthy mess at my feet. 

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