giant motherfuckin update for SUNDAY!

 To start with, I wan’t to share the comment I left on the most recent post on slave b’s blog…

"I have been inspired left and right by all the amazing “opinion pieces” both written and done in videos, by so many awesome and sexy ladies out there in the scene recently. I must have started writing 5 or 6 different pieces before I got distracted either making money off some loser, or doing some of the behind-the-curtain crap that has been keeping me rather busy recently.
The most recent piece posted on slave b’s Domme Scene LJ account, by the super hot Tierra, really made me want to sit down and write something out for you boys for my thoughts on the same subject. It’s a subject I have had long and in depth discussions with various slaves on, and one I love seeing addressed so honestly.

In my opinion an ongoing Dom/sub relationship is built on trust, trust that both parties understand and agree to the power dynamics…. the power dynamics which require give and take from everyone involved. It doesn’t matter if the relationship is strictly online or R/T, the key, I think, is if it is something that is ongoing and personal.
Conversely, when a Domme such as myself has repeat hit and run losers, who spend and spend, and call themselves my slaves, but never truly commit to anything, don’t keep in touch between sessions, etc., they don’t really have that kind of relationship with me. A slave who has regular contact, however, what he spends in tributes aside, and who is actively trying to commit to serving me, can, on the other hand, expect some things from me- to a certain extent… I will always keep my word to a slave, take an active interest in their personal and private lives, sexual education and habits, general well-being, etc.
But unless a slave has an ongoing relationship and has made some kind of commitment to me, they can expect little except my interest in manipulating his uncontrollable and perverted sexual urges to make him obsessed with me enough to keep spending all his cash on my clips and videos.

Well, there you go, my two cents on the subject. Enjoy."

Click here to read the original post:

The next bit of excitement is my most recent photo shoot! I have some brand new studio equipment and a regal looking new chair that are used in this shoot. Have a look boys! I am loving this set. The lighting is so sultry and you will lose your mind worshiping each and ever photo!

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I’m also adding videos from clips4sale to NF, so keep checking at My Flirt Store to see what videos you NF boys can click and pay for!


The most amusing bit of slave news right now is that I finally got to abuse pincushion again! This loser used to be quite the slut, but how he saves his every penny just to worship at my feet as he suffers for me. Even though he only just got back from a long trip and is relatively broke at the moment this bitch wrangled up $600 in gift cards without complaint and then over the course of about an hour and a half I turned him from a nervous little loser, not sure what he was in store for… to a sniveling, quivering, bloody fucking mess that honestly couldn’t take anymore. I overwhelmed him with my brutality, haha. So fucking funny… too bad I didn’t take a video of it, but I did get some funny as shit screenshots, and the email I got a while ago from him just tops it off perfectly. 

With a chain attached to one nipple and the head of his dick, slapping his balls with a pink flyswatter I sent him.

Sounding himself the 1st time with cleaned off qtip

Sounding more, this time with multiple pins stuck through the skin of his ballsack

Removing the pins, quite painfully, haha…

A bloody ballsack as a result, hahaha! Loving it!

And dressed up in some panties I sent him by the end of the session….

What you don’t see here is a photo of how after he pulled the pins out of his balls, but before he put the panties on, I had him sounding, AGAIN, and hard, and FAST, I made him rape his urethra for me, and loved watching him grimice in pain while he did it… then I made him punch his dick, nice and fucking hard, against a hard-cover book, so he smashed it between the book and his fist. When he punched it it squirted otu blood! YES, he punched his dick and it fucking squirted out blood for me, hahaha… DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME… not without my help, boys, this could be dangerous… haha, but pincushion lived through it, sending this email to me this morning:

hi goddess

i just wanted to let you know how the last 2 dys have been since you tortured me on friday.  i still have the marks or wounds on my balls from the needles but as you can probably guess that is not the worst thing.  Every time i pee now it stings like a bitch, you real fucked my pee hole up with the q-tip. It is like having fire piss come out everytime i go to the toilet. Also when i cum it is insanely painful, i had to cry out when.  i will not be doing it again until the pain passes.  
i think it is getting a bit better now so you will have to do it again to me soon.
i created a livejournal account under the name kyaaspincushion, i couldnt fit the last m on to the name, too many characters in it, max is 15. i will leave comments on your journal whenever you update it again.
your devoted slave,

Oh that really fucking amused me! I love knowing he can’t cum without crying like a little fucking bitch and all because of me… ah, I do love living this strange perverse life of The Goddess of Sub Males. 

And my last little note for now:

The first package from the 3 separate $100+ gift cards that  sent me has arrived! I have already placed orders for the next two, and expect to be getting another card for around the same amount every Sunday until I tell him to send his weekly tribute in another way. 

you’re welcome boys… and enjoy until my next post!




5 thoughts on “giant motherfuckin update for SUNDAY!

  1. Read what Goddess Kyaa says in this post.This is why unconditional surrender to Her is so special.Her Holy Word is the way, the truth. and the light.Pray to Her daily.Beg for Her forgiveness for being born a filthy sinner and surrender body,mind and soul to her.

  2. Thank You for the post
    Thank you for the reflections on Dom/sub relationships, Goddess Kyaa!
    Kyaaspincushionm is very devoted indeed. It is amazing and beautiful, what a sub male is ready to endure for the love to the supreme female Goddess. Great inspiration for less advanced followers of Goddess Kyaa!

  3. it has now been 3 days since goddess kyaa abuse my cock and balls, i think by maybe thursday i will be able to go to the bathroom again without crying. thank you goddess kyaa I am very grateful to you


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