Amusing slave news

 There are a lot of different kinds of losers out there who are addicted to me on many different levels and who express their addiction in different ways… of course my favorite kind of slaves are the most long-term and dedicated slaves, no matter if they are filthy pervert sissies who jerk it daily or if they are locked up for weeks or months on end…. but more on that in a moment. The point is that I have some worshipers who have earned a proverbial gold star for all their hard work and blind, unyielding love and dedication… they make me proud.

Right now I am HIGHLY amused with one of my most fully owned and obsessed pets, . I think he is even the first one to officially finish the medium level of my Orgasm Obedience Challenge. This morning I read his email from the day 7 challenge and the email he sent after he watched the reward video, which was really fucking funny…

"good afternoon Goddess Kyaa,i just woke from an all day nap,after doing the seven day challenge i was exhausted,as You said, in my reward video which was was funny i had updated my journal earlier in the morning saying my "mood" was exhausted and then You say and use that same word in the reward video it seems You just know everything i think before i think it ,it really is incredible and proofs i am truly owned by You.and You look absolutely great, better than ever,what a video.i am proud and happy i made it… proud may not be the right word,i am proud i am owned by You,i just felt really good at the end of the challenge that i obeyed my owner,especially after getting my reward video i felt even better because i think You may have been pleased.and thank you for the little break as You said in video.i need it."
Go check out his journal to read all about his past week dedication each stroke to me, and keep reading back a few pages to read all about how he has really lived his live %100 dedicated to me, even admitting his status as my pet to his friends, family and co-workers, all of which is documented in his rambling posts. So have a look and see what it might be like really truly giving yourself to me as my sissy jerkaholic. – his blog is public so anyone can click and start reading now!

Then there is a newer slaveboy who hopes to become my obedient and owned puppyslave… I must admit that he is well on his way as you can see in his blog… just have a look at the screenshot below:

This horny puppyslave in training has yet to be properly given a slavename but I am thinking that by the time I have another session with him I will have thought of something properly humiliating that denotes what filthy animal this whore is! Read the blog and learn more! – also public so read away!


Then of course I have my locked away sissy ! This slut is truly one of the funniest to watch on cam… I can almost never understand a word out of his mouth because he  is shaking with fear, constantly whimpering and almost in shock from looking at me and hearing my voice. Right now this poor lil pet is dealing with lots of work crap that keep it from being able to be on cam, so let’s all wish him luck getting that crap sorted out soon so he can be back home with some free time to get on cam and perform for me!
The funny news about this slut is that he’s been locked away in chastity for a long long time now, even having filled his lock with glue a few weeks ago… but then he had to travel unexpectedly for work and had to actually cut the cage off his clitty so he could make it through airport security! But he was a good boy and bought a travel cage and was locked up as soon as he was off the plane and as soon as he was home again… then I got this email the other day… and oh fuck it made both my girlfriend and I laugh SO hard!

" Your sissy has REALLY messed itself up for You. In its need to be respectful of its Goddess, and anticipating what You would want it and expect it to do in its situation, Your sissy locked itself back into its chastity cage to prevent itself from relinquishing to the urge for a ‘quick wank’. Put the key in a baggie and threw it out into the woods behind its house, so it would not be easy to find. Thought that was the ‘right’ thing to do. But then went to Your clips4sale store and saw all Your new videos about the ‘masturbation challenge’!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
GEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZ Goddess Kyaa You SOOOOOOOOOOOOO mess Your sissy up. You have NOOO idea!!!!!!!!!"
Yes, I have a very good idea of how messed up you are, my owned slut… and I you will keep feeling that way as long as I want you to!
Read this sluts journal here… but you will have to have an LJ account so you can "friend" him first!

And of course there is the one and only butler_dorky, who has been swamped by work as well and not really updating his blog but I will say that we continue to have our weekly 5:30PM Goddess Time on Wednesday skype meetings, and he is getting VERY excited about his 1 year mark of full dedication and worship which comes up just before my birthday (Oct 30th) because not long after that he is going to get the chance to be the first slave I have found online who has made it through the requirements it takes to be allowed to meet me! So long as he continues to be the obedient and hard working boy he has been for the last 8 or 9 months I am going to let this loser take me shopping after the new year… so keep an eye out for more news on that!

Okay that’s all for now boys, you are welcome… if you have any hope of getting mentioned here you are going to need to really dedicate yourself like the boys above… or you will have to be one of the many whores who empty their bank accounts and perform on cam well enough to get shown off here.

I will have clip updates for you guys later tonight!

 EDIT: Ps- CLICK AND FILL IN YOUR OWN QUESTION FOR MY NEXT INTERVIEW!!! Want to know about my old peircings? Travel experience? First lesbian kiss? Favorite color? Ask away… come on boys, the best questions will be used in my interview and the losers who submit the question might even be rewarded!

4 thoughts on “Amusing slave news

  1. Helpless for Goddess Kyaa
    OOOHHHH Goddess Kyaa!!
    Thank YOU for mentioning it in Your post, and thank You for engineering the stupid situations it places itself into for YOU.
    The ridiculous truth is that as much as Your shaved and chastised sissy maid HATES what You can so easily do to it, and is SOOO humiliated by thinking about You and Your girlfriend laughing at its antics for You, it absolutely LOVES being kept by You in that desperate pathetic situation.
    It thanks You for restricting its clitty. It thanks You for every humiliation You have put it through. It thanks You for the way You have trained it to eagerly sleep in sissy stockings and panties and heels. It thanks You for the incredible mindfuck of every ‘first thing in the morning’ locked and denied clitty ownership, and for EVERY need You have imposed upon it to worship the perfection of Your videos without EVER EVER being granted the opportunity to ‘click and pay and STROKE’.
    Being in chastity for You is just simply where Your sissy BELONGS. In deference to Your each and every Goddess perfection and how it must show its awe and appreciation of that.
    Your sissy splosh

  2. overwhelmed with joy
    thank you Goddess Kyaa i am overjoyed,ecstatic and so relieved You are pleased with me, i never take that for granted,it really is all that i strive and work for. i believe that is what i was tring to say. when YOU are “proud” of me that is when i am truly happy.i would just like to say again,i am not confused anymore in my loser life,i am not confused on who owns me,i am not confused on who i will serve the rest of my days,i am not confused on how very good it feels to obey You.helpless and weak before You. always !thank you Goddess Kyaa !praise be Your Holy Name.


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