making a KILLING

Lookie what I have got to tease you boys with… <insert evil laugh here>

I am at #17, up from #25 when I woke up this morning… I’ve added a shit ton of clips and will
have a full update for you soon… even a preview clip so watch out losers! 

Make a head start, get your asses over there now boys, I am raking it in and no one can stop me.
Boy’s are spending hundreds at a time and you will do whatever you can to add to your growing collection 
this weekend! Click and pay boys, click and pay… even if you are locked in a sissy cage and can’t stroke,
CLICK AND PAY! If you are not locked up, I suppose you can stroke… IF you click and pay first!

Also, yes I am signed onto NF so you can call to worship me!
Click below to see todays teaser clip:

Call Button

13 thoughts on “making a KILLING

  1. In total???? Months!! And all beautiful. Sweet though the Goddess Kyaa may be (sometimes), innocent She is not. She is completely aware of Her Power and She enjoys how She can use it. Take the plunge SF…but be prepared for the total mindfuck!


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