Submit your own burning questions for my next interview!

This is how it is going to work: For the next month losers will be able to respond to the poll below. Answer a quick question about your dedication level and then submit any question (keeping in mind my Rules of Conduct) you are just dying to hear me answer. If you are lucky I will pick your question to be in a poll next month where I will let you bitches VOTE on my favorite 25 to 50 questions. I will give that 2 or 3 weeks and then… woohoo! A super sexy loser-generated interview that I will do a FREE PUBLIC VIDEO for! Yes, once I have all the questions not only will it be released in text form, but I’ll do a video that will be put up for free here, on my members site and elsewhere… maybe even youtube if you boys are lucky.
If you make sure to submit your question like this: "Blah blah blah blah blah this is my questions blah? Thank you,*your slave name here*" I will be able to see who submitted the question and might even give you credit for it. If you don’t leave a name, don’t worry, I still might use the question, you just won’t get a mention for being the lucky loser who’s question was chosen!

Okay, so start submitting your queries now, pets!

5 thoughts on “Submit your own burning questions for my next interview!

  1. Answering Your poll
    1) If You had a devoted slave trapped, helpless, and subservient in Your home, what ‘condition’ would You keep it in (naked, or in bondage, or crossdressed and sissified, etc.), and how would You expect it to serve You?
    2) What do You personally find most enjoyable and/or amusing about what Your devotees are willing to submit themselves to in Your honor?
    3) When You tweet about Your musical and other ‘cultural’ preferences, do You appreciate responses on a ‘non-domme’ personal level from Your subjects?
    4) Do You ever get ‘tired’ about the challenges You must face in being GODDESS KYAA to Your pets? And if so, what can they do to make Your challenges easier to cope with and endear themselves to You?
    5) Do You prefer inflicting physical pains and humiliations on Your subjects, or psychological ones? And what might Your thoughts be on the difference, if there is one?

  2. More general interest questions?
    Dear Goddess,
    1. If You were starting a collection of artwork, whose would You buy? Any particular pieces? Any genres? Why those?
    2. Money being no object, where would You live, and what kind of place would You choose to live in? or would You live in more then one place?
    3. Where would You like to travel to? why there?
    Much love, Your pet, bd

  3. Dear Awesome Goddess,
    It is truly an honor that You would allow questions to be posted. i have tried to think of questions which would be of general interest. i hope to please You in this.
    1. Do You have any role models? If so who and why?
    2. What are the biggest challenges You face?
    3. If You could have three wishes granted, what would they be and why?
    4. Who would You like to meet and have a conversation with? Why and what would You talk to them about?
    Thank You for letting me ask Goddess, i hope to ask more soon before the month is up.
    Love, Your pet, bd

  4. lucky losers
    thank you Goddess Kyaa for allowing pathetic losers to ask You a question,no matter how silly they may be, as long as they follow Your rules of conduct.


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