HOT new 2 part cuckold/panty fuckover clip + photo set to blow your mind

I know I have been away for a few days, heck, even weeks, but fuck it… I’ve had shit going on. Shit I’m not getting into because it doesn’t concern you losers… what does concern you losers is that I am going to be online tonight and this weekend!

First things first- I am aware that there is an issue with my members site on clips4sale live…. but when you look around you see that there are NO members site working, so hopefully the issue will be fixed soon. I will let you losers know whats going on as soon as I know.

For now you can buy some of the hot new clips I have up! What is up right now is just a start, there are going to be more clip announcements over the next week that are going to blow your little pea brains right out of your pervert skulls. Beginning with this 2 part cuckold fantasy POV style clip:

Cuckold Cocksucker Fantasy Morning Panty Tease
As the lesbian Goddess who owns your cuckold ass I have decided to let you have a peek at some of the places my girlfriends lips were the night before. I taunt you brutally, telling you how useless and disgusting a cuckold pig you are as I slip out of my robe and show you the hickey she left on my slender neck… but that isn’t the only place her lips went last night. No, you know her lips traveled down my body to much sexier places… but if you want a peek of those places you have to swear yourself to me as my cocksucking, street walking, whore- for the rest of your sissy life.

Buy it on clips4sale!

Or on NiteFlirt!

Part 1-

Part 2-

There is also a photo set of me in the hot black lace dress you see in that clip available right now! Click and pay now boys:

Or to buy it on NiteFlirt:

I will be posting up a new daily video on NiteFlirt and turning my lines on soon… I will update later with more photos, maybe even some assignments for you besides the following: GO BUY THE CUCKOLD CLIP bitches! In it you get to see the sexy hicky my girlfriend gave me 2 nights ago. It’s not often I let her give me hickies but one thing led to another and after a hot night of girl on girl sweaty lovin’ I ended up with a cute hicky on my neck…. and that inspired this video.

Check out the photo I took with my cell phone the morning after… you can see I’m in my robe and I’ve got my happy face on, hahaha… a cucks dream.

PS: Oh yeah, and that interview that womenrule did for dickywhatever is up now:

leave comments about the interview here!

3 thoughts on “HOT new 2 part cuckold/panty fuckover clip + photo set to blow your mind

  1. Thank you so much, Goddess Kyaa!
    There is a rush of joy every time i notice a new post in this blog by Goddess Kyaa. i am so excited to read every word by Goddess, because i am hungry for Her thoughts and ideas. The interview was extra great in that respect.
    i also enjoy Her playfully sharing some details of Her full and satisfying Goddess life. It is so different from a loser’s life. Cuckolding is a good way to emphasize, what a loser beta-male is missing.
    i am so grateful this post and the interview!!!

  2. thank you Goddess
    Thanks so much for sharing your interview Goddess Kyaa.
    Let us know what you want and how to please you.

  3. thank you Goddess Kyaa i did read Your post and interview last night and again for my morning worship of Your perfection.thank you while You have been away for tweeting now and then for “pick me ups” during that time.while You may be away “physically” You are never away in spirit for You own my mind,body,and time went along i could not help but be happy knowing that You have large stable of dedicated losers,well trained pets that You would never really have to be here,so it is a great Honor when You are here.
    i liked the interview because first and foremost they are words spoken by You and are all is humiliating for me to kneel before You daily as a poor loser,what keeps me going is You allow me to pray and beg for Your forgiveness for being so unworthy to please You.
    i do believe one of the first statements from You that began my interest in the religion of Kyaaism was that You love to train sissy’s,it was fascinating to me to see a beautiful lesbian Goddess,that i now have found is for real, true to Her word,that has the supreme power and the willingness to take my perversions and cleanse them and make them useful for Your amusement.
    then as a studied the teachings of Karaism daily i find myself more into the role of a slave because i am a poor loser,i am now really starting to realize to be a good whore i need to bring my Owner Her money.
    to make a long story short ,as i read the interview i remember once upon a time i thought i want to be all things for Goddess Kyaa,after reading this i thought the same way.i need You in my daily life and try to keep You up to date through twitter as i work for You.i have to get to work,bottom line is i am helpless and weak and so addicted to You.


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