quick update! I am ONLINE tonight as planned!

I am online tonight, catching up… who knows, if you emailed me in the last week you might even get a response. Ignore cam at 8PM for a couple of hours, then again EARLY Sat. morning, then on and off all day and late into Sat. as I see fit… watch my Twitter for updates! Seriously, create an account, get an app for your phone, make it your fucking homepage so every time you open up the internet there it is… my Twitter for you to obsess over day and night, 24/7, just waiting for another update.


For now here are a couple of quick snapshots from my webcam for you to drool over:

Want more sexy photos of me looking so hot today? Of course you do, that’s why you are going to get out your credit card and click for me! Click below buy them on NiteFlirt NOW! 6 full size shots for you to worship boys, and only $6.66… so tempting, and you are so weak, haha.

Now you can buy them on my FlirtStore as well-
http://www.myflirtstore.com/Goddess-Kyaa.html -Along with all my other videos and photo sets available on NiteFlirt.

My clips store will be updated tonight and throughout the weekend. Watch out for more updates boys!


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