Lady Luxe and Domme Kyaa: Double Trouble

Wow, you loserboys are going to make a cummy mess in your pants when you see this:

Yes, that is in fact ME, Domme Kyaa at Lady Luxe’s house, sitting shoulder to shoulder with the hottie herself! So yeah, fuck you losers, you are so fucking lucky you get to see these snapshots! The first taken on my cell the other taken on her laptop, and both too sexy for any male to resist being aroused by… and you know what that means,.. Nothing in life is really free! So click and pay before you start fantasizing about all the videos, the live cam wallet rapes, double teaming you boys until you can’t take it anymore….

I said click and pay BEFORE you start fantasizing, loser boy!

Send a tribute NOW, and with it beg Lady Luxe and I to do lot’s of videos and cam in the near future.

Either send tribute via NF below or send an gift card and make sure to leave a note for me thanking me for posting the photos of us together!

Or click below to send an gift card to

3 thoughts on “Lady Luxe and Domme Kyaa: Double Trouble

  1. Re: Please let me tribute so i can start fantasizing …
    After being able to see the two of us on cam like that, yes, you may tribute! I will let you buy gifts off my wishlist and send a nice fat lil gift card to “commemorate this HOTNESS EVENT.” Hehe, I do like the way you put that, hehehe. I will discuss said event next time you are on skype with me, in fact, that might even be tonight!

  2. Please let me tribute so i can start fantasizing …
    Oh Goddess, it is like looking at the sun, only Hotter, seeing the two of You together, my brain is still all fried from trying to understand. Goddess, my financial information is on its way to You and i am hoping You will let me tribute to commemorate this HOTNESS EVENT.


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