Clip update… click and pay boys!

(post composed by slaveb/womenrule)

French Tip Stroke Instructions (full HD wide screen wmv)
My fingernails are done in a sexy fresh French Tips and I know how weak that makes you… so get on your knees and click and pay, see if you can keep up with my sexy nails as I tease and instruct you until you make a mess when and how I say while worshiping my long sexy French Tip nails! (1280×720 wide screen HD)


"Beg To Live" Femme Fatale POV Cock Torture Verbal Degradation (Full HD wmv)
First of all let me warn you, this video is CRUEL, no punches pulled, you will be told the brutal truth: you are literally a waste of space. The physical space your loser body takes up in this world could be better used by anyone or anything, you are disgusting, useless and perverted to the core… and this POV video will set you in a fantasy where you have to face up to that fact with dire consequences.
With your loser dick trapped in my cruel device can you resist getting throbbing hard? Is it even possible for you to keep your mind off sex for just a few minutes, to concentrate on something else? No, and when your dick is locked in my spiked cockcage you will get hard and you will bleed out as I laugh, teasing your cock until it gets harder, driving those spikes deeper… and deeper….


Chastity Slave Puts GLUE In It’s LOCK! (+ CBT, electric play, hot wax, feminization, humiliation, cuckolding and more, all recorded live)
This is a recording from a skype call I had with my slave ‘sissysplosh’ who has been in chastity for weeks now… you can read it’s blog and all about how hard my slut works for me here:
This video is cut from much more footage than I felt like going through, it has all the best bits though! From Friday night to Sunday evening I used and abused this slut, shocking it’s balls with a zapper that I controlled through my microphone (the louder noise I made the more it hurts the whore!) while it was dressed in a truly whoreish outfit! Fishnet body stockings with no crotch and red thigh high boots… what a slut! Between that and the tampon I stuck in it’s ass (yes you get to watch pervert) this is one sissified loser. And obedient too… locked in chastity for weeks and ready to be allowed to punish itself to be allowed to be unlocked at my discretion for a while so that it might jerk it’s loser dicklet….. I won’t tell you everything but in the end my sissy was not unlocked, in fact it ended up filling the lock on it’s cage with superglue (among other things!) in an effort to prove it’s willingness to stay in chastity for as long as it might please me… lots of getting to hear me laugh as I make this whore do filthy things and suffer for me! (HD WMV, 1200×900)


Under Desk Ignore: Pink Toenails & Piggy Play (full HD wmv)

I had a skype abuse session today with a sissy who had its balls hooked up to a electrode that shocked it every time I made a loud enough noise. At the beginning of the session I decided to turn the cam on under my desk so that you losers could be be ignored as I shocked and awed my sissy whore. All you get to see is my feet and in the background me teasing and laughing at, instructing and degrading a sissy who can be just heard moaning and crying in it;s slutty voice for me…. (1280×960)


Domme Kyaa’s daily tease video from NF 05-28-2010 (wide screen WMV)
Once again I amaze and shock in my sexy little outfit… pretty in pink and white I your will, making you my helpless slaveboy instantly. So many fell to this outfit, begging to worship my young ass in the cute panties Im wearing or falling to their knees for those pink peeptoe heels… so weak, so helpless, and how could you not be when Im looking like this?! (1280×720 wide screen


Girly Pink Strawberry Print Panty Under-Skirt Stroke Instructions (Full HD wide screen wmv)

Go on and start drooling now, my perverted pantyboy! I’m going to let you jerk your horny lil cock while under my pretty white skirt, and I’m wearing those strawberry print panties that make you so weak. These panties are so girly, so cute, and they fit my firm little ass so tightly! Yes, there is no helping it, you are stupid and weak for me any day of the week but with these panties in your face you are a salivating who cant help but hump the floor in desperation!
Click and pay now for specific stroke instructions plus permission to cum how I say, and even instructions on what to do with that jizz puddle once you make it! (1280×960 wide screen HD WMV)



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