slave news update

In the Realm of Goddess Kyaa there are many kinds subjects, from lurkers who get no attention and are eventually caught and blocked from being even able to redeem themselves from their sins should they decide to try to become good boys, to losers who jump right in with both feet and submit fully right away, the spectrum is wide and there are many variations in-between and the past week has brought me losers from both ends of that rainbow of perverts.

I have blocked both on yahoo IM, Skype and NiteFlirt a minimum of 5 different losers who repeated broke my Rules of Conduct in a single evening. I will be soon making a post just on the subject of my Rules of Conduct, posting them once and for all publicly so that there is NO excuse. Those wishing to contact me personally will be REQUIRED to have read them, so make sure you look out for that post coming up soon… they are available for sale on NiteFlirt right now though, just $2!

I have also had lot’s of boys who are just too poor, stupid or simply not able/willing to commit to really sacrificing their cash, cum, and pride… losers who submit and then back out of promises after making a cummy mess, bitches who try to push my rule on not begging for cheaper rates, asking for special "deals" from me before they have even tried to do something to please me, and what irks me most, losers who only want to jerk their horny dicks, cum, and pay as little as possible for the honor.
I have no problem with losers who are poor, ask goodboy4kyaa… but if you are not willing to at least humiliate yourself for my amusement you will not be allowed to just pay my per-minute fee on NiteFlirt to see me on cam so you can jerk your dick while I sit there and watch… not going to happen. Again, more losers were blocked recently when told that they had to try harder to amuse me, that just jerking off is not enough.
There are also disgusting pigs like the loser below who are more than willing to humiliate themselves (they do it without even being told) and sometimes they even pay… but they forget to have some respect along with it all, oh yeah, and the whole disconnect from reality really doesn’t help them:


And then of course there are pets like sissysplosh, who as you can see below, serves me eagerly and without complaint (though lots of sissy moaning) no matter what they are being told to do:

you can also buy this clip on my clips4sale store or if you are already a members on my c4slive members site you can view it there already!

Chastity Slave Puts GLUE In It’s LOCK! (+ CBT, electric play, hot wax, feminization, humiliation, cuckolding and more, all recorded live)
This is a recording from a skype call I had with my slave ‘sissysplosh’ who has been in chastity for weeks now… you can read it’s blog and all about how hard my slut works for me here:

This video is cut from much more footage than I felt like going through, it has all the best bits though! From Friday night to Sunday evening I used and abused this slut, shocking it’s balls with a zapper that I controlled through my microphone (the louder noise I made the more it hurts the whore!) while it was dressed in a truly whoreish outfit! Fishnet body stockings with no crotch and red thigh high boots… what a slut! Between that and the tampon I stuck in it’s ass (yes you get to watch pervert) this is one sissified loser. And obedient too… locked in chastity for weeks and ready to be allowed to punish itself to be allowed to be unlocked at my discretion for a while so that it might jerk it’s loser dicklet….. I won’t tell you everything but in the end my sissy was not unlocked, in fact it ended up filling the lock on it’s cage with superglue (among other things!) in an effort to prove it’s willingness to stay in chastity for as long as it might please me… lots of getting to hear me laugh as I make this whore do filthy things and suffer for me! (HD WMV, 1200×900)
Price: $12.99 USD
Length: 19 minutes


Also in the "pleases me" category of loserboys is, as per usual, goodboy4kyaa, doctordorky (who shall now be known as butler_dorky, since that is what he is training to become, my butler) and Kyaas_bard. All three of these are like clockwork in their worship, predictable and stable, always tributing or buying gifts without being told to, polite, and in utter and complete awe of me, hehe. Read their blogs if you want a laugh, ladies…

EDIT: I will have another update tonight before I will be away from the computer Tuesday/Wednesday… clip update, some photos, who knows what else, in the mean time….

It is the last day of the month and today you only really need to do ONE THING!

Here are your  instructions today, to please me you must:

: Join or renew your membership on my c4slive members site! Beginning next month I am going to begin weeding out some clips from the members site, so that there are only between 500 and 600 videos, but not much more than that. Right now I am adding clips so quickly it will easily be skyrocketing over that number soon, but I won’t be deleting any clip til the end of this month, so watch as much as you can and JOIN TODAY! Just $50 and you have 30 more days to jerk non stop to my clips and photo sets, boys…

EDIT: I am heading to bed early so I can wake up tomorrow well rested for a nice long day off, hehe. Enjoy clicking and paying while I am relaxing, enjoying watching movies and playing video games on the HDTV that newly re-dubbed butler_dorky bought me a few months back. Clip update will be done for me I’m sure as  I am putting up some new clips and there is someone who will get their ass over to my store and pimp them out for me,

9 thoughts on “slave news update

  1. Re: scared
    Thanks for the advice Kyaas bard. I think I am almost ready to contact the goddess. I am so nervous

  2. Respect
    i am thinking of Goddess Kyaa all the time, but at the same time i am full of fearful respect for Her power. Her words in the beginning of this post, that there is a wide spectrum of followers in Her realm, are a great consolation to me at this point. Now i just worship Her in C4SLive and will start the 7 Day Challenge as soon as i am able to. Oh, She is so wonderful, a Woman of My Dreams, a true Goddess.


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