Niteflirt Sunday

Due to the higher-than-usual number of complete and total douche-bag dumbfucks who have been calling on Niteflirt I am going to be doing the following more and more often:

Today you can call to speak with me on the phone at any time, but if you want to be able to worship me on cam you will have to pay for your session in advance (verses per minute via NF) either by tributing on NF or gift cards. Today ONLY though I will allow you losers 30 minutes chat only time for $50, and for $100 30 minutes cam/chat! Surrender today boys, email me with confirmation of your tribute and let me know your ID and what messenger program you are on!

Yes, you may call on NF to discuss the session, my talk-only and ignore lines are on!

Call Button

PS- On that note I want to say something about my ignore lines…. I FUCKING IGNORE YOUR ASS! Yes, you call, then I set the phone down, turn speakerphone on, and go about whatever the fuck I’m doing, if that means I’m sitting quietly and reading, you may hear little to nothing, you could hear me typing, walking around… but what you won’t hear is me answering your whining questions… "Please, Princess, tell me how to serve you! Princess, why won’t you talk to me? Oh, please Princess, tell me what a loser I am!" Seriously, calling my ignore line (which tends to be one of the least expensive lines) and expecting me to give a shit is not going to make a good impression.


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