catching up-update

I have been busy busy busy since I posted last! Ever since I got back from being away for a few days this month my losers are frothing at the mouth for my attention! The only day my Niteflirt lines haven’t been ringing off the hook has been today, and that’s only because I turned the rate way up! Besides losers I’ve been busy making PRIDE plans! Oh yeah, soon I’ll be putting my rainbow stripes on and gathering together with a gaggle of lesbians (gaggle?what is a group of lesbians called? a pod? no, I think a group of lesbians should be called a murder, like with ravens! a murder of lesbians, muahahahaha!) to celebrate our wonderful queer qualities! I doubt I will be attending the parade etc, though there are a few bands playing around town that I do want to go see including GODdess and She, a lesbian hiphop duo I’ve become enamored with recently (which has me excited!) …. I will maybe even try to snap some shots I feel like sharing with you boys, depending on how well you do in the next month!

Today I caught up on two videos I’ve been meaning to make for public consumption… but just because I put out two new free vids today doesn’t mean you can go rubbin that lil dick without paying! After you watch these make sure to visit my clips store to work on getting it in the top 20 on clips4sale (more on that later…)

The first is a response to all the begging and whining was inspired by the first video I uploaded onto my secondary youtube account.  Since so many boys felt so strongly about my first sock strip tease on youtube, here it is… your prayers are answered!

Directly after finishing this clip I gathered together some of the items I have received since my last LJ update, bought off my various wishlists by my pets… Watch and drool, wish it was your cash that bought the new hot pink sunglasses you will get to see me try on or that hot pink dildo I will be having a lot of fun with in the near future….

Click the link below to visit my wishlist on

Remember, if you open up my main wishlist (link above) then look to the left of your screen and scroll down some you will see a long list of other wishlists named things like "bedroom toys n things" and "Expert financial piggies ONLY!" so just find a list full of items that make you weak and start shopping… you can buy just about anything for me, from grocieries to pantyhose, socks, shoes, bathwash, real swords, ammo, computer equipment, books, music, really… there is a lot there, so just find something that makes you weak and buy it for me!

Also since my last update: My clips4sale store has continued to climb the charts in the top 50!

I want to see it keep climbing, higher and higher in fact! I have a general order to issue: CALLING ALL SLAVES!!! Go buy at least 1 clip off my clips store today and you will earn permission to stroke and cum! It’s not often I will just say that anyone and everyone can earn permission to do that so easily… generally I feel that to cum for me a loser must do more than just buy 1 little clip…. normally you need to humiliate yourself in some way, ruining your orgasm for me or paying cumtaxes… but for the rest of May you can buy 1 clip a day to earn 1 free and pain-free orgasm a day! Careful though, make sure you rub that thing for a while before you squirt it, I know you will just want to jerk it again right away, so make it last, click and pay and stroke stroke stroke for me boys!

As you jerk it, watch my clips store climb the chart, every clip you buy helping it climb up and up, bringing fresh slavemeat to beg at my feet!

I will perhaps update again tomorrow with clip news, slave updates & more… for now your orders are as follows:

Simple instructions for your simple minds. Now, worship and obey!

1- First watch each of the free, public tease videos posted above.

2- Secondly rate each of the free public tease videos and leave comments on both thanking me for taking the time to share them with you all.

3- Go to my clips4sale store and buy at least 1 clip…

4- Comment below, share what clip you bought, I want to know which clip you bought to cum to for me, loser boys!

5- Jerk your horny dick for my clip, watching it over and over again until you make a dirty mess for me!

ps- yes, I know you love me

8 thoughts on “catching up-update

  1. Goddess Kyaa I am becoming more and more addicted to you everyday. All I do Is buy your videos and wank my cock. Giving in to you feels so good. Your new Foot video is Amazing!

  2. Love Your Work Goddess 🙂
    First time poster (sure it wont be the last)
    Goddess Thank You for all the wonderfull work You do. Long time fan and couldn’t resist a direct order from the sexiest Mistress on the planet!!!
    Anyone who hasn’t got the fur fetish Joe video needs to get it, just bought it and simply as sexy and evil as anyone could want. Goddess Kya is the Greatest xxxx

  3. My first contact to Goddess Kyaa
    Goddess Kyaa, i saw Your channel in Youtube a week ago and now You are the only thing on my mind. i just want you to know i am going to follow Your instructions… Goddess, You are my dream-come-true.


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