the Goddess is back

Hey boys, I am back, but so so busy! While I was away lots of losers fell prey to 2 of my new clips… as far as I’m concerned these clips are some of the most sadistic and sexy videos I’ve made in weeks. Each and every one of you bitches NEED to own these, and the best thing  about each of them is that once you buy part 1, all you have to do is obey my instructions and you will be able to get part 2 for free…

Already 3 losers have actually sent in videos to prove their devotion in response to my oh so amazing Sadistic Ass-Goddess faceslapping & CBT instruction clips. In case you haven’t seen it yet the preview for this clip is below, watch it then click the link and go to clips4sale and buy it NOW! Send in your video proof today, first you will slap your nasty pervert face in return for worshiping my juicy young ass, and then once you send me the video you record of yourself smacking yourself around you will get the CBT instruction clip… which you must watch and record yourself as you do! Obey my every word, make yourself hurt as you worship my ass!

SLAVE PROOF VIDEOS COMING UP SOON! This is going to me SO SO SO funny! Like I said, I already have 3 bitches vids, but once I get a few more I will share my favorite ones, so submit your video proof today to amuse me with your efforts!

aaand of course, the very dangerous new blackmail clip which has destroyed the will of tens of helpless males already! I have had totally random bitches I have never heard from before buying the clip and sending in every scrap of information they are told to send, plus the proof photos… hehe…. and of course, quite a few of my regular, already owned, slaves have submitted their info (like goodboy4kyaa) and then of course the obvious blackmail addicts are crawling out of the woodwork (like womenrule/slaveb) … just have a look below!


These are screenshots from my gmail, from emails sent by goodboy4kyaa and womenrule/slaveb, the 2 most recent losers to submit their information, and although I am sure neither of them will be doing anything to piss me off anytime soon, it still amuses me that they (and the rest of the losers who have sent their info) submitted the key to their undoing without hesitation. I have covered up anything specific in the screenshots but I am sure it will not be too long before some loser tests my will once again and must be exposed.

In case you missed it somehow here is the preview for this clip:

Now, later today I will be posting up some instructions for ALL of you to follow, basic stuff like joining up at some forums so you can post replies for me, leave comments, etc, and some videos you will be sent to rate on youtube as well. I may even have another public humiliation assignment to share that you can complete on Surrender Sunday!!

So go now, CLICK PAY STROKE on my clips4sale, buy videos and spend until your bank account is empty! I am back from my minivacation (if you follow my twitter you would have gotten to see lots of hot updates + snapshots, so check it out losers, link below) and feeling like raping some bitches!

3 thoughts on “the Goddess is back

  1. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Goddess Kyaa!! Your Perfection is beyond description. It is such a privilege and an honor for this sissy bitch to have its clitty locked by You and have to suffer its frustration for You each and every day until You might mercifully decide to grant it release.
    And if You decide to share its pathetic attempt to amuse You by face-slapping itself at Your feet, it would be SOOOO humiliated but so grateful that You deemed its demonstration of its adoration of You worthy.
    Your sissy splosh

  2. newbie
    You are simply stunning Goddess Kyaa, not only physically but also intellectually which after all is where the most sensitive e-zones reside. I am staggered by your work rate and output, and highly respectful of your opinions and philosophies. More power to you!

  3. helpless
    one of my first thoughts was that although i am weak and helpless,i always work hard to be a goodboy4kyaa and at this point it would seem to me to be wise to keep doing that,but that is actually all my pitiful life is about now,pleasing Goddess Kyaa,to the best of my ability,always striving to improve.the first step was to surrender everything to Her and then everything else just kind of falls into place.i do not think the word “easy” would be the right word,nothing is easy because i am a dumb whore,but satisfying and rewarding and my duty to always please and amuse Goddess Kyaa first,yes, i try.
    the only thing that may be easy is i have no will to resist Her,i surrendered my self to Her to use as She pleases.that was a no brainer.


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