Links to click, sites to join, tasks for you to complete!

The first bit of big news is for my dedicated pets… anyone can visit this and see the public posts, but only dedicated worshipers will be allowed to have posting access… It will be considered a great honor to be able to post there. The purpose of the community is for my most fervent and devoted worshipers, true Kyaaists. In this community you will be able to share your prayers of devotion, humiliation photos, stories and more… all for the glorification Goddess Kyaa!

Already boys have joined and are posting, soon there will be many texts by fellow slaves, and writings by me, the Goddess Herself, for you to read closely and learn from!

Convert to Kyaaism today!


Next I want you boys to go through and join the following websites so that you can post replies when someone mentions me/help pimp my clips4sale (which is now #42 in the top 50, but more on that soon) … click below and join now, then reply to the posts linked below! The first link will be the form you have to join, the one directly below it is a recent post I want you to reply too! Be descriptive! Even before I posted this up one loser mentioned me and what he said really amused me… see if what you post up can amuse me too! Let’s get the rest of the fools out there clicking and paying for Goddess Kyaa too…

(comment by ‘heratm’ )


Also you can join the site below to be able to comment my profile, videos, photos, etc, that will be on this fetish community, linked below… I may end up using their cam/chat functions while is still down so really JOIN it as well as the two sites above as ordered!

Joining the sites above and commenting there often about how much you love to worship and obey me, how much you love to click and pay for my clips, how you can’t stop renewing your membership to my clips4sale members site, will all boost the number of bitches coming to my clips store for the first time ever… helping the following:

Between my members site which has more and more members all the time (but remains at #7 as yet on and the hot clips I have been adding to my store, boys cannot help but click and pay, click and pay! Hop on the bandwagon, join the club, and start buying up my clips… collect them all, losers!


I have lots more news updates so I will share just 2 more things right now, and will post again Sunday evening, perhaps…. (if you losers keep amusing me enough to put the effort in, that is!)

After getting back from my minivacation in Seattle (which was basically 2 nights and 3 days of eating expensive meals, fucking in hot-tubs, and relaxing in overpriced spas downtown)  I found that I have a mere $50 in cash left out of the $5,000 that doctordorky sent me just a few weeks ago! I haven’t been activelly trying to spend that specific stack of cash, but I haven’t been avoiding it either… and well, as happens, it has been spent slowly but surely and now as you can see that once big fat wad of loserbucks is a measly little fistful of bills!

Before – a juicy stack of 100$ bills

After – just 2 wrinkled 20$s and a couple 5s!

And lastly: you can now buy Domme Kyaa merchandise! Click below and whenever you buy one of these humiliating items you will get it shipped right to you and I get a percentage of the profit! I will be adding lots more items, sissy shirts, and much much more!

(you may need an account to view the items since they are rated "pg 13" and above!)

2 thoughts on “Links to click, sites to join, tasks for you to complete!

  1. feels good to obey
    i could stare at both of those photos all day and night,Your beauty really is shining through in them Goddess Kyaa.i think i finished all the orders above,and it feels so good to obey You.still a couple more tasks to do.


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