big ass update

I have been busy , lots of slaves to abuse, lots of changes I’m making, just read on boys.

I’m going to start off by making all you cock-hungry losers drool:

15 amazing photos show off my giant black strap on cock like never before!
If you bought my clips4sale video with me in this outfit and wielding this dildo you have
a good idea of how huge and awe-inspiring this thing is, but these photos
really give BIG BLACK COCK a new meaning!

Here are two photos from this set for you to salivate over while you get
out your credit card to buy the rest of the set:

Buy the full set on NiteFlirt:

Or on Images4Sale:


Secondly I am going to inform you all that I will be on cam via NiteFlirt most of the day and all night now through Sunday night this weekend… but Monday through Thursday night I will be away and not answering emails or updating my clips store! Why? I’m going to Seattle for a few days to blow some of doctordorkys cash (hehe) and visit a friend for her birthday. Already pincushion m (more on him in my next update) has bought me $50 in cinema tickets online and sissysplosh has been sending $100 and $200 tributes which are already in my bank account for use on my upcoming trip… who else is going to contribute? Email me if you want to make a special tribute, otherwise just click and pay like the filthy pervert you are for lots of clips, call me in the next few days to worship and make sure you are ready next weekend when I am back to be used and abused for my amusement!

!Clips4Sale Updates!
Big changes happening on my Clips4Sale! I have changed the look of it so when you visit don’t be freaked out. Feel free to comment on the new layout but be aware it is going to keep changing over the next month or so while I tweek it into something that I really like…The other reason you need to click below to go to my clips store is the new clips I added over the past few days, which you will soon see, you absolutely must own!

Cuckold Cocksuckers Face & Ass Fucking Instructions
Get out your biggest dildo or other phallic object, loser! It is time to fill yourself up for me, show me what a good cuckold you would make, show me how much you crave to feel my giant black strap-on cock fill your holes up! I know you slut holes are hungry for my Goddess cock, strapped onto my hot young body with a tight leather harness. In this harness I fuck my pretty young girlfriend with a little pink dildo, but you bitch, your cuckold mouth and fuckhole need something much more filling! Open up and be prepared to fuck both your throat and your asshole for me when you click and pay for this video!

To Serve Me: Total Slavery Induction
Kneel now before the most perfect Mistress you could ever hope to worship… in this video you will watch as I use my tight young body to destroy any lingering resistance you might have. In a tight black latex teddy with hot fishnets wrapped around my firm ass and thighs and thigh high bright red boots I will bring you deeper under my spell than you have ever been before.
Click and pay now, helpless little loser, and in just a few minutes you will be on your knees begging to serve me, begging to serve and obey for the rest of your pathetic life!


Sadistic Ass-Goddess part 1 (wide screen WMV)
This multi-part ass domination extravaganza will make your head spin and your cock ache, literally. This is not for the faint of heart, wimpy little bitches or other such scum incapable of completing the instructions you will receive when you buy this video. It will hurt, I want it to hurt. No pathetic male could ever deserve to worship my ass the way you will in this clip without punishing themselves severely to make up for their disgusting pervert nature and jerk-addict ways.

To read about each part click the link below and you will be able to find both parts together along
with their full detailed descriptions on my clips store!
I know you losers will love this next big… I even made a preview for these clips! Here is 45 seconds from part 2, but it is
onlya hint at what you will experience when you buy it and watch the full version! I know once you see this you will have
no choice but to click and pay so you can suffer for my ass!

Extra Special Challenge: For losers who take pride in being my obedient addicts: you can get part 2 for FREE if you record yourself while watching this video and send it to me!


And one more bit of news for the day:

I am made a very exciting MEMBERS ONLY JERK-OFF CHALLENGE, inspired by one of the members, goodboy4kyaa, who tweeted something about cumming 7 times in a day for me which got me thinking… with all the videos on my members site a loser could easily jerk all day for me, and so I have decided to put all my members to the task!

For any of you losers who want to see this clip you will need to join my members site to gain access to it and the rest of my videos, which you will need to be able to view for the challenge the video gives you… Just watch this preview below to get a little more teasing information on this jerk off challenge and then click and pay for membership if you don’t have it already!


I will post the top 3 jerkers names and number of messes in a few weeks, once my pets have
had time to attempt to complete my challenge!

That’s all for now losers, but keep an eye out for a loser-news update before the weekend!

5 thoughts on “big ass update

  1. Goddess Kyaa?!!?? If You in Your infinite wisdom might grant Your sissy release from Your chastity, it would be MORE than eager to cum for You as many times as it possibly can in 24 hours, and document each helpless and pathetic spew on cam.
    It must do it for Your beautiful big black strap-on, imagining that every drop of cum sprayed over itself is coming from YOU!!!! OOOOOOHHHHH what a perfect sissifying mindfuck!

  2. Kyaaspincushion
    Thank you Goddess for sharing the abuse you give out to us losers, we cant help it, the more you dish you the more we want and beg for. i cant wait to read your next entry as it will hopefully mention me and what you did to me on friday. Just a warning to others, its not for the squemish

  3. Paul
    I can safely say that ,after surfing the fin domme scence, You are by far the most devastating Godddess…and rightfully so..

  4. SEXY
    i love that outfit for the jerk off challenge Goddess Kyaa,that is one challenge i think i could have a shot to win,i can make up alot of ground on weekends,so i am off to members c4s to read up,how does the saying go,”if you like what you do ,you will do it well and enjoy it” so that is me i love to jerk off, i love to cum,i only cum for You,i am lucky to be owned by You,so i have all the tools to win this.i will start preparing by spreading the word that my doors will be locked down from at least saturday afternoon,all day sunday until i can cum no more.maybe i will eat a dozen oysters a day or something.let my cum fly,i better go read up before i get to excited.
    thank you Goddess Kyaa


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