Cash clips, members site rankings & a new youtube vid

This is going to be a quick update… although I have a lot of loser news to share (so look out for another post this weekend) and some other news you losers will drool over… for I want everyone to see this, then rate and comment! I know there are many of you who will have a strong reaction to this little tease video, and that’s okay, its a natural reaction. Just know you are not alone in feeling a deep need to empty your wallet for me after watching this:


Other videos I made with the $5K you see in my hands there are being uploaded to clips4sale and some are already are available for sale. A quick note for the slaveboys with memberships to my c4slive site: none of the clips listed below are on the members site! The $50 a month you bitches pays gets you a lot of new clips each week, but these you will have to click and pay for like all the rest! And yes, and me HAVE TO! I want you all to worship me with all those loserbucks in my pretty fingers… knowing the next wad of cash I’m teasing my victims with could come from your bank account!

Cuckold Cash Domination – humiliationg, ass crush man-ipulation!
Tonight I am going to fuck a beautiful young woman’s brains out and you loser, you are going to buy this clip and jerk your little dick… you do realize how lucky you are to be allowed be my cuckold, don’t you, bitch? This clip is going to help you fully understand how lucky you are to be cuckolded and humiliate by me, to be allowed to pay to watch me tease you in the lingerie I’ll be fucking her in. Get on your knees, horny cuckold…. get out your credit card… and click, pay, stroke! Pay now, with as drippy as your dick already, I doubt you can make it through this clip without making a mess at my feet!

Cash Count Masturbation Challenge
I have got $5,000 in $100 bills… a nice fat wad of cash in my pretty hands, enough cash to really put a smile on my face and to make your loser dick stiff! Just seeing me holding all that money is too much for a pathetic pervert like you to handle… I bet you can’t even stroke that hard-on of yours as long as it will take me to count this stack of bills without making a drippy loser mess! Here is my masturbation challenge for you… buy this clip and as soon as you start playing it, start stroking… Once you start stroking you can’t stop, you can’t slow down… you have to jerk that thing the whole time I count out the $5,000 in loserbucks! I know you can’t last bitch! Want to prove you can make it, huh? Click, pay, and start stroking! (But remember, you can’t stop once you start!)


Also, I mentioned this on twitter the other day but my members site is now ranking at #7 on c4slive! Yes, very exciting I know but still not good enough, therefor I and making you bitches a little offer: If enough losers join to make my members site #1 on c4slive, I will make a very special members only video every day it is #1 (or for the first month it is at #1 then three times a week after that) … this members only video will be a special masturbation instruction or humiliation assignment video that will ONLY be FREE to members… so get out your wallets and find $50 to spend on this special chance to see some sexy exclusive videos, boys!

JOIN TODAY! $50 for 30 days access to over 500 minutes of worship and humiliation videos, hundreds of HD photos and more…


More cash clips and others to be posted this weekend, plus loser news updates and more!

PS- I am online via NF today so if you are able to call DO SO! I am looking oh-so-sexy in a new bit of black lingerie that is oh-so-soft (yummy!) and will be draining wallets all evening!

Here are a couple photos I snapped with my webcam with a nice fistful of ‘s tribute in todays hot outfit:

If I get a few more members on c4slive today I’ll post up a whole set like this for you bitches on LJ (and upload them to the member site) so JOIN TODAY!

3 thoughts on “Cash clips, members site rankings & a new youtube vid

  1. Not even 2 minutes
    I bought your Cash Count Masturbation Challenge…and i didn’t last even 2 minutes of it… it’s the first video i’ve ever bought and… i’m just shocked by your power… unbelievable… your legs in those pantyhose…those high heels…those cash… i’m hard even just thinking about it…

  2. spring cleaning
    believe it or not i had just finished commenting on this update,about a hour of typing,i am slow to begin with,and the power goes off for a split second,and i lose it.fuck!
    i am stunned at the timing of Your updates Goddess Kyaa,how You know what i am thinking before i do,i knew my pig pen needed to be cleaned,but i was helpless and lost,so the past week i was just wallowing in this filth,although i finally started to do some cleaning yesterday,i did not know why,but now i do!to scrape up all the dirt and find all monies i can to buy the new videos You have given me the privilege to buy,thank you!and thank you for these sexy photos to worship,feeding my addiction.
    then also the last couple of days for whatever reason i was thinking of my endless love for You,then,alas,in the same video,and after over a year of Your willingness to train me to please You,while i now know it is ok to love and adore You,the only was to really please You is to give all of my money to You,and to continue to work hard so that i may have the privilege to see my money in Your pretty finger’s.i am a dumb whore,incapable of love,love is nothing,love is empty,my love is perverted,it is filthy love can only be made pure if all of my money is in Your pretty hands,there is nothing more beautiful!


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