So that all you bitches can easily be ignored by me while I go about my daily business I have created a dedicated IGNORE account for yahoo messenger. I am going to post it here, for all my "friends" on livejournal, I am also going to sell it, for $25, via NiteFlirt and through amazon.com tributes to anyone who doesn’t have NF. This is really only temporary… at some point in the not to distant future I will have a dedicated ignore cam/chat room on my personal website which you can lurk around on 24/7… so get used to being at my feet day and night, bitch!

The deal with this is that you are REQUIRED to publicly thank me and occasionally tribute for this great honor. I am not forcing you to pay by the minute, so whatever you get to see you get to see mostly for free… show me how thankful you are that I am so kind as to allow you a window into my life.

Click below, pathetic perverts, tribute $25 via NF now

Then email me on NF and beg for my ignore ID!

Or Send an Amazon.com gift card to Domme.Kyaa@gmail.com for at least $25 and make sure to include your email in the comments box… and I will send my new yahoo ID so you can view my ignore cam ASAP!

Add me on yahoo IM and request to see my cam. Send me an message and tell me who you are and how you got my ID and I will accept your request to see my cam… after that you will be ignored. I won’t answer any questions, I won’t even be reading anything you boys type in this time… nada, total fuckin ignore… and you will be thankful!

Tonight 3:30PM PST til late night !!!!

4 thoughts on “IGNORE UPDATE

  1. is that true?
    this loser pig is craving to be on floor under Your shoes while you ignore me.i can’t believe my eyes this is my dream and is it really true?

  2. is that true?
    i can’t believe my eyes.this loser pig craving to be on floor under Your shoes i got used to be ignored.is that really true? this is my dream

  3. Re: i beg to pay
    Go on and send me an email to that same email address above as well as an amazon.com gift card to show you are serious about tributing. I will let you know how you can purchase videos and even custom videos from me with more amazon gift cards after I get the first one, hehe…

  4. i beg to pay
    Hello Miss. i am very much hoping to become one of Your fools, and am hypnotized by Your mantra of “CLICK PAY STROKE”. i Must buy Your videos. but for various reasons i can’t join clips4sale or niteflirt, can’t have them on my CC. would it be possible for me to send You amazon Gift Certificates in the amount of several of Your videos that i crave desperately, and then receive them from You outside of “the system”? is there any way this could happen?


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