Firstly, slave updates on pincushion m, sissy splosh & more

Okay losers, here you go, slobber over these sessions you only wish you had the fucking guts to do. These bitches both humiliated and abused themselves to such an extent that I am proud to share there efforts with you. It goes to show just how far some perverts will go to please a woman they have become totally and irreversibly addicted to. 

The first one I will mention is someone you have seen on my blog before, recently dubbed ‘pincushion m’ this loser has now lived up to his new name! Check it out below in this series of screen shots taken during and after the session.

I expect to hear from him again soon, and will be posting photos of me with and/or wearing some of the items bought while playing around on his computer. It’s funny, he was SO fucking scared about the needles and safety pins I sent him, and when I told him to make sure he had paper towels and antiseptic ready, that he was going to bleed for me, he got even more terrified… but when it came down to it he admitted that there were a lot more painful things that I had done to him, but that the fact that he had actually BLED for ME was so intense he had trouble describing it… or maybe it was the massive quantities of alcohol he had been consuming for me… hm, who knows, ha!

The next day I got this email from him:

So yeah, I’m really fucking amused. He’s doing well, even though he was way late to start he really went hard and spent hard. I honestly can’t be bothered totaling up all the shopping but via NiteFlirt and through the gift cards he spent somewhere just over $1,300 in about 3 1/2 hours. Really, he’s the one who needs to total it up for me, haha…

And as for the next slut… let me introduce ‘sissy splosh’ a new girly pervert who has sworn that they want to be mine and mine alone… it’s even bought some keys and a lock from my "items for you" wish-list on amazon for it’s chasitity belt. It’s spent well over $1,000 in the past week, even $1,500 after the $400 tribute I got yesterday for me to add a bag of spit and some other little items to a panty package I was already preparing for it. Now, ready to find out why this sluts name is sissy splosh? Click below, but WATCH OUT! This video is NASTY. Any ladys reading this may want to make sure they aren’t eating anything cause it is nasty. If you like eating grapes, watch out, you may not want them for a while after this, hahaha….

This slut has even started up a live-journal for me! Follows of Kyaa, pay attention here, because I have an order for you all! If you already have a live-journal blog for me, you MUST add the following slave-journals as you "friends" and check your "friends" page on a regular basis so you can see how other slaves are working hard to please me.. you can all learn from each other and together can please me as a mini empire of slavebois doing whatever they can to amuse and spoil me.

sissy splosh:


this is one here has been my goodboy for so long he really has a right to such a nickname… he is diligent in his total obedience to me.. he doesn’t even lie to his friends and family, he just tells everyone about me… he has photos of me up all over his house, his truck… he is truly my obsessed converted worshiper, completely under my spell… and he makes me proud when he gives me everything, as poor and pathetic as he is.
Kyaa’s bard:

this one is another poor and pathetic pervert, just as helplessly obsessed, though still but a few months into his worship. The prayers he writes in his blog are so amusing that one of them even made it into a video I made and posted to clips4sale (check my next blogpost, later today) and he is currently working on a musical introduction for my youtube videos! The tribute video he made for me on youtube is actually quite beautiful, enough so that I changed his name from ‘worthlessmale’ to "Kyaa’s bard"

doctodorky aka my court jester, the dorkiest pet in my menagerie:

I have made a lot of blogposts about this pet, who is a very obedient and totally commited little puppy…kitten…tiger.. he doesn’t know what he is… or what he is doing half the time, but he’s working on it. The main point is that this is one of my best behaved, least needy, and amusing little pets. Instead of clicking and paying here and there, he is a constant member on my clips4sale members site, and then every few months he tributes a few thousand dollars as I see fit. Every week I let him see me for at least a few minutes on skype, and each day I get a minimum of 10 emails sent via sms text from his phone. I get "pet tracker updates" as though he had a GPS on him that updated me on his every move. I know where he is and what he is doing at all times… and he is always at my beck and call! Note- he doesn’t have a lot of public posts at the moment. Friend him and soon he will though.

Another journal worth mention belongs to slave b, a hard working loser who promotes all the awesome dommes who use LJ. Make sure to watch his journal on a regular basis so when he promotes me you can leave comments and thank him for doing so!

Do you have a blog on LJ yet? Yes? Then add the losers above to your friends list so you can be a part of my growing empire… No? Then start one today! Update it weekly, write about your jerk off habits, about what turns you on, what a filthy pervert you are, etc, etc…. and that way I might actually mention you or your journal in the future, along with the piggies you can read about in the above links!


Alright, that’s enough for now… I am going to go make some clips and abuse a bitch or two then I will post again with some hot photos of ME and info on my newest clips for you to click on!

6 thoughts on “Firstly, slave updates on pincushion m, sissy splosh & more

  1. Electric Shocks Hurt Like a Son of a Gun!
    Dear Goddess,
    i am humbled to be included in this list of Your pets. i have had some small experience with electricity and can assure anyone who wants to know that it hurts like a son of a gun.


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