April Fools Membership Fee Discount! I must be crazy, hehe

Just because I am SO fucking kind I have reduced my membership to just $15 for 30 days access to over 550 of my sexiest fetish and worship videos, plus hundreds of HD photo sets. The only thing about this April Fools joke is that it is no joke… this special deal will only be lasting a FEW HOURS though! Sometime between now and the early AM hours of April 2nd the rate will return to it’s usual $49.95…. and anyone who missed out will just have to click and pay like a good bitch for the full price (which is really not much in the first place!)

So, JOIN NOW, and become converted at the alter of Goddess Kyaa!

A few videos you can’t get on my members site which you are essential to own and watch over and over again have been added to my clips4sale store though that you need to buy right now!

Click below like a good boy, download these clips now but beware, there is no going back once you begin praying at my alter daily or fucking your face and ass like a whore for my giant strap-on cock.

Worship At Goddess Kyaa’s Alter
This was something that came of a custom video paid for by my slave ‘kyaas_bard" and includes a prayer written by him which you can use in your worship of me. This video, besides being one of the most earthshakingly seductive and downright sexy videos ever, will help you understand how I want you to worship me each day. will tell you how to kneel and pray and stroke at my alter so that you might please me, the Goddess who owns you. Get on your knees now and prepare to be converted, worm! Today is the day you become but one of many slaves dedicated to the religion of Kyaaism!


Fuck your holes for My Giant Strap-On Cock!

Get the biggest dildo you can find, whore, and get on your knees! I’m going to let you worship one of the biggest strap on cocks you have ever seen while you fuck your slut face and hungry little asshole for me… not only will you get to worship the forearm sized, realistically flesh-colored dildo, but you will get to worship it while it is strapped to my young body in a hot leather harness. Are you ready? Wet your lips, bitch, and say "Ah!" because you are going to start by fucking your mouth for me! Don’t try to deny that you are hungry to slobber down on a fat dildo for me…The harder you gag on that thing, the closer your mouth would get to my panties…Plus, you’re going to use your gag-juice as lube when I have you pounding your greedy sissy asshole, hehe!

No, loser, you have no choice. Obey me, or suffer the consequence!
Click and pay for both the clips above, NOW. Get out your credit card, you helpless little man.
Click and pay, you must obey!

5 thoughts on “April Fools Membership Fee Discount! I must be crazy, hehe

  1. Wow, I’m a total gun control supporter, but that pic of Goddess pointing Her gun at the camera is damn near the exist vision I ever did see!

  2. your feet
    Aaaaaahhhhrrrgh, I damn need your extreme sheer nylon hosed f+++ing toes again plsssss Ky! 1 second I can watch and all my cum is in my pants like a little boy…

  3. Pathetic and Helpless for Goddess Kyaa
    Thank You Goddess Kyaa. Thank You for making me sit for You in my gooey sticky diaper after You forced me to fill it with chocolate sauce last night, and making me click and pay to watch Your incredible strap-on taunt. Having to sit like that, with Your chocolate sauce oozing all over the pathetic chastised cock and balls and tamponed pussy ass that now belong to YOU, but that I must still endure the torment of feeling, was such an incredibly beautiful mindfuck. Having to watch over and over again as You swung that huge dildo from Your beautiful perfect hips, taunting me with Your knowledge that if I could have, I would have eagerly and gratefully GAGGED on it for You while You slapped my piggy face so hard and red I wouldn’t be able to go out in public for a week.
    I imagined You making me slather Your forearm-sized cock in the rest of the chocolate sauce, laughing at Your sissy splosh as it had to work it all up and down the shaft and around the balls. And then having to kneel in front of You, and BEG You for the privilege of being made to clean it…to lick every last sticky drop of chocolate sauce from Your dildo before You put me to bed in my filthy, drooping, leaking diaper. And then just casually turning, honoring and tormenting it with a quick glimpse of Your perfect ass as You flipped Your skirt, and walking away with Your heels clicking on the floor as You left me there to suffer in my degradation. And in the absolute, complete and insecapable realization that I adore You for what You are making me become for You. That You OWN me, and I have no choice but to BEG You to humiliate and degrade Your sissy slosh however might amuse You OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again.

  4. A Sin
    Divine One, i know having any pride is a sin but i am very proud that You have seen fit to use one of my prayers in this way.
    The thought that i might have please You in some way thrills this adoring pet.
    Thank You Divine One for Your kindness to me.
    i worship You and only You !

  5. i am owned by Goddess Kyaa
    i am going to buy this c4s tonight or saturday,and i am going to joyfully fuck my holes for the giant strapon cock of Goddess Kyaa,i desire to be so close to Her panties


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