Photoshoot Poll

Next Monday/Tuesday I will be doing another photo shoot… I decided to allow you losers to take this poll over the weekend and if enough answer it I may post up a bunch of photos for all my faithful followers to worship early next week!

I have got some even better lighting equipment recently, and a few more backdrops… oooo, excitement…

To see my last photo shoots free photos go here:

2 thoughts on “Photoshoot Poll

  1. Goddess Kyaa
    i love the new icon too,i look at this photo throughout the day,it has a way of inspiring me more than ever to always work hard to please Goddess Kyaa.thank you Goddess Kyaa for allowing losers to take this poll,once again Your kindness is shining through.i would suspect that any slave that is owned by You,thinks as i do, that anything Goddess Kyaa will do.but if had to answer,after thinking about it as i slept[thank you for allowing me to sleep in my bed]Your shorts and sneakers with Your gun,has a springtime feel.i love Your skirts also,this is almost impossible for me,i like them all.the dominating boss/business woman is another good look.i guess i would check every box except the first one,You are the only one true Goddess Kyaa

  2. Wow Goddess, you sure got my imagination going with your questions. i am afraid i may not be the best one to ask as i consider anything remotely related to you in any way HOT, so you give HOTness to the things around you and the clothes you wear, not the other way round.


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