Online For The Weekend!

I will be online tonight and all of this weekend! Since I was away Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, totally out of touch with all my losers, I know they will be desperate to kneel and obey…. Since so many of you losers have been commenting and following my blog on a regular basis I decided to reward you boys with this extra special tease video:


Kneel and worship NOW!
Click and pay for the Goddess you Worship and Adore!

Call and worship me live on cam via

Or if for whatever reason you cannot do that, you are required
to click and pay for one of my HD worship videos on Clips4Sale
so that you might worship my perfect body in the best resolution available!

6 thoughts on “Online For The Weekend!

  1. April the first, FOOLS DAY !
    Yesterday i was away from home for the whole day and most of the night so i was unable to have any prayer time at all.
    Today i made up for it !
    i have had four individual 1 hour worship sessions on my knees praying and stroking, worshipping my owner,
    The Divine Domme Kyaa.
    Four full hours of stroking and praying to her Divine image kneeling at Her alter.
    Working my worthless stick so close to sinning and then stopping and praying for forgiveness until i went soft.
    All the time knowing that i am doing this in an effort to gain aproval from and provide some amusment to The Living God i worship and adore
    Knowing i am Her human property, owned body mind and soul.
    Tomorrow is five days since my last (ruined) orgasm offered up in Her holy name.
    And i will be more than ready to offer up number 31.
    i want to make it an extra humiliating one to please The Divine One.
    After all tomorow is April the first FOOLS DAY !
    Domme Kyaa is perfection and to please her is everything !


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